IGEL Disrupt Nashville

I’m here in Nashville for IGEL Disrupt over the next few days and I’m looking forward to a number of sessions. While the main event starts on the Tuesday (28th) the first day (Monday 27th) has a couple of sessions on. [Read More]

Cross-platform Profiles with Profile Container and User Experience Virtualization

FSLogix Profile Container has plenty of advantages in a virtual desktop environment that show a measurable improvements to end-user experience. It’s important to understand what a container approach to roaming a user profile is as you consider adoption of Profile Container, now that you own the license. [Read More]

Visualising ConfigMgr, Intune and Windows 10 Releases

I recently presented a session titled ‘Modern Management Methodology Imaginarium’ at the xenappblog.com Virtual Expo September 2018 event. In this session, I discussed my thoughts and approach to modern management, primarily for Windows 10. The session provided a bit of background, some definitions for what makes up the modern desktop... [Read More]

Thunderbolt 3 - One Cable to Rule Them All

Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C have arrived to make our life easier and more confusing all at the same time. The promise of a single cable that does everything is appealing but for the average consumer, knowing what to purchase is challenging. This article is a view into my research into... [Read More]

Get latest Citrix Receiver version with PowerShell

I’ve previously written about deploying Citrix Receiver to Windows 10 via Intune with PowerShell. In that article, I included a script that will detect an installed version of Receiver and update to the latest version if it is out of date. To start with, I’ve hard-coded the current Receiver for... [Read More]

Improving Ivanti Application Control Message Boxes

Ivanti Application Control (previously AppSense Application Manager) is an application whitelisting and privilege management solution; however, I think you’re likely aware of that since you’re reading this article. Application Control has a number of customisable message boxes that are displayed to the end-user for Windows application whitelisting or privilege elevation... [Read More]

Melbourne CUGC IV - It's LTSR in the Spotlight!

We’ve been busy planning our next CUGC meet-up for 2017, which will be on the 24th of October at the Telstra Conference Center at 242 Exhibition St. To attend the meet-up, ensure you’ve signed up at the MyCUGC.org site: Melbourne Citrix User Group Local Meeting [Read More]

Protecting a Cloud Jump Box with Duo Free

Deploying a jump box into a cloud environment such as Azure or AWS, is a common way of providing access into said environment through a single entry point. Often access to the jump box will be restricted by source IP, but that approach isn’t completely secure for many reasons -... [Read More]
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Monitoring AV and Windows 10 Updates with Intune MDM

In a previous article, I wrote about the differences between managing Windows 10 PCs with the Intune Client vs. the Windows 10 MDM channel. Two key monitoring pieces that you lose with going to MDM instead of the Intune Client is the ability to report on Windows updates and Endpoint... [Read More]
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Choose Your Own Adventure with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune has multiple methods for managing Windows 10 - you can choose to deploy a client or use the mobile device management capabilities built into the operating system. However, guidance from Microsoft on the comparing the capabilities of each, especially from a policy perspective, is currently unclear. [Read More]

Hands On with the Citrix ShareFile Drive Mapper

Citrix recently made the ShareFile Drive Mapper tool available for mapping a drive letter into your ShareFile data available on Windows clients. This is an interesting approach to providing access to ShareFile data which changes the data access approach from sync to on-demand. [Read More]

Configuring Remote Desktop Certificates for OS X Clients

Windows has supported TLS for server authentication with RDP going back to Windows Server 2003 SP1. When connecting to a Windows PC, unless certificates have been configured, the remote PC presents a self-signed certificate, which results in a warning prompt from the Remote Desktop client. An environment with an enterprise... [Read More]

An Intel NUC6i5SYB for My Home Lab

I’ve recently added a new PC to my home lab - the Intel NUC6i5SYB, to replace a Lenovo laptop that I’ve been using to host VMs on Hyper-V. In this article, I’ll cover an overview of the NUC, how I’ve configured this device and some details on performance. [Read More]

App-V 5 FAQ: Where Can I Find App-V Training?

Kevin Kaminski, a long time App-V MVP based in Calgary, Canada. He’s a long time presenter at events such as BriForum and MMS. As well as consulting on application delivery, he provides training services for App-V and application packaging._ [Read More]
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App-V 5 FAQ: What versions of Windows is App-V 5 supported on?

Operating system support for App-V is ultimately determined by the Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle. You can search the Product Support Lifecycle page for “Application Virtualization” to return the product lifecycle for all versions of App-V. This FAQ covers the most recent version of App-V: 5.1. [Read More]
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App-V 5 FAQ: Where Can I Download App-V 5.0?

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) can be downloaded in a number of locations; however you will first require access to these locations which are typically via a paid subscription or because you have paid for licenses. [Read More]
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Looking forward to Citrix Synergy 2015

Citrix Synergy 2015 is just next week, so for me that means several things - attending CTP meetings (from about 8:00 am to 9:00 pm each day) on the Sunday and Monday, presenting a Geek Speak Live session on Tuesday, helping to man the Atlantis booth on the solutions expo floor, taking... [Read More]

VDI 101: Persistent vs. Non-persistent

A conversation about desktop virtualisation will invariably turn to the topic of persistent vs. non-persistent. Anyone new to VDI or Server Based Computing (SBC), may need persistent and non-persistent defined in context. This is a discussion that I have on a semi-regular basis, so for easy reference, I’d thought I... [Read More]

Replies in Outlook for Mac

There’s a particular behaviour in Outlook for Mac, that for several years I have thought was a bug. If you reply to an email, you often only get some of the text from the original email, rather than the entire email being copied into the reply. Like this: [Read More]
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Participate in the Project VRC "State of the VDI and SBC union 2015" survey

The independent R&D project ‘Virtual Reality Check’ (VRC) was started in early 2009 by Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt) of PQR and Jeroen van de Kamp (@thejeroen) of Login Consultants, and focuses on research in the desktop and application virtualization market. Several white papers with Login VSI test results were published about the... [Read More]

View Memory Stats on a Hyper-V Server

I’ve got a very simple setup in my home lab with a couple of machine running either Hyper-V or ESXi. I typically don’t have monitoring solutions running and manage each host directly, rather than part of a cluster or with SCVMM or vCenter. For Hyper-V, I try to manage it... [Read More]

Creating a XenDesktop Delivery Group with PowerShell

My last article was on creating a XenDesktop machine catalog with PowerShell - in this article I’m going to create a Delivery Group which provides access to the virtual machines that a part of that catalog. Like the last article, I’ve taken the PowerShell generated by Citrix Studio, banged my head against... [Read More]

Retrieving a VM's UUID from Hyper-V

I’ve previously posted about retrieving the UUID from a virtual machine hosted on vSphere. UUIDs are useful if you want to uniquely identify a target machine for OS deployment task sequences and the like (e.g. MDT). Here’s how to obtain the UUID from a virtual machine hosted on Hyper-V. Just... [Read More]
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Building a Lab Server to Run ESXi and Hyper-V

One of the great things I enjoyed about working at Kelway was the access to a pretty solid lab environment. While I do have access to a lab environment at Atlantis (3 in fact), now that I work primarily from home, I really prefer a lab environment that can provide me... [Read More]
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Sequential Starting of a List of VMs

In my lab environment, I often want to start a list of virtual machines, but without taxing the system in the process by starting them all at the same time.  I could do that manually, but that’s no fun. Here’s a short function I wrote to sequentially start a list... [Read More]
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A Better Way to Customize the Windows Default Profile

Multiple Methods The Deployment Guys have a great article from 2009 that I recommend reading for a overview of customisation methods: Configuring Default User Settings – Full Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This article is still applicable today and the process hasn’t changed that much between... [Read More]

Monitoring MDT Task Sequences with PowerShell

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit provides a Lite Touch deployment model - typically a device requires an engineer to manually start the deployment task sequence. Using PowerShell to drive MDT offers the chance to provide a little more automation around OS deployments. [Read More]
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Retrieving a Virtual Machine's UUID from vSphere

While working on a PowerShell script to drive OS deployment through MDT, I’ve needed to obtain the UUID from a target virtual machine. Unfortunately this isn’t just a property of the VM that you get through Get-VM. Instead you’ll need jump through a few hoops to retrieve the right UUID. [Read More]

Sequencing Mozilla Firefox with App-V 5.x

It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little preparation. Before embarking on sequencing Firefox, please refer to this companion article - Prepare Mozilla Firefox for Enterprise Deployment and Virtualization - which covers configuring a Firefox installation... [Read More]
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App-V 5 Sequencer Template

The App-V 5 Sequencer, just like version 4.6 SP1, includes support for Sequencer Templates. These are an ideal approach for ensuring the use of the same set of Sequencer settings and exclusions across all packages. [Read More]

Sequencing Apple iTunes 11 with App-V 5

Two recent releases presents an opportunity to revisit the state of virtualizing Apple iTunes. iTunes 11 looks great, but is it just lipstick on a pig? Under the hood, it doesn’t appear to differ that much from previous versions, but lets see whether a combination of Apple’s latest and greatest... [Read More]
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Hands off my gold image - The Task Sequence

If you’ve been following along so far you’ll have read my follow up coverage of  my (and co-host, Jonathan Eyton-Williams) Geek Speak talk at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, with  Hands off my gold image – Automating Citrix XenApp/PVS Image Creation and Hands off my gold image – Microsoft Deployment Toolkit... [Read More]

Converting CTX114501 to a readable format

You’ll then have tackled with the product matrix that comes as a PDF instead of something more reasonable like, say, a spread sheet. There’s probably a good reason for this document to be a PDF, but it’s not the best format for reading this type of information. [Read More]

Sequencing Mozilla Firefox with App-V 4.6

It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little more effort. I’ve previously shown you how to sequence Firefox 8, Firefox 7 and Firefox 5. Before embarking on sequencing Firefox, please refer to this companion article - Prepare... [Read More]
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Citrix Technology Professional Award

Last Friday turned out to be a pretty awesome day - my wife and I found out we’ll be having a girl in July and I’ve been selected to receive the Citrix Technology Professional award for 2012. [Read More]

Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Networks with PowerShell

I’ve been configuring a Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V deployment in the lab via MDT to a couple of ProLiant DL380 G5’s. I’ve been keeping the deployment as simple as possible, so there’s no SCVMM integrated at this point and as such I’ve need to configure the Hyper-V networking once the... [Read More]
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App-V White Papers

Update (28/03/2012): This list of white papers are now available on the Microsoft Download Centre: Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Documentation Resources Download Page [Read More]
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Reducing Profile Size with a Profile Clean Up Script

Windows profiles become larger over time - it’s an inescapable fact. This means that if you are using roaming profiles, logons (and logoff) will be longer and longer. It’s not just individual file sizes, but also the number of files stored in a profile that will make the synchronisation process... [Read More]
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Delivering Office with App-V - The Need for Profile Management

Because Office is a core application of most desktop deployments, user interaction with Office and the user experience are important factors in the deployment of Office. From an administration perspective, providing a seamless user experience requires managing the user preferences of an application, independent of the application delivery method. [Read More]
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An Archive and Analysis of #AppV Tweets

Several months ago, I used the The Archivist to create an archive and analysis of tweets with the #AppV hash tag. 1,740 tweets later (not all of which I’m sure are App-V related), we get an interesting picture of conversations around App-V. To view the archive visit this URL: http://bit.ly/appvarchive.... [Read More]
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Sequencing Mozilla Firefox 8

Mozilla has just released Firefox 8, so it’s time to look at virtualizing the new version. It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little more effort. Here’s how to successfully sequence Mozilla Firefox 8.x. [Read More]
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The Case of the Disappearing Application during Sequencing

In the official Microsoft TechNet forums, a question had been asked about sequencing Google Chrome and the poster states that when using the Chrome Enterprise Installer (a downloadable MSI for deployment inside an organisation), Chrome installs OK during the monitoring phase, but the folder is deleted at the end of... [Read More]
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Comparing User Profiles Sizes for Microsoft Office Suites

I’ve been doing some work recently virtualizing various versions of Office in App-V plus managing user preferences for those Office packages. Here’s something interesting that I’ve found – the size of the profile settings for a default installation of Office 2010 is massively different in size over previous versions of... [Read More]
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Reducing the size of App-V packages

If you’re looking to reduce the size of your App-V packages, you can compress them when saving them in the Sequencer; however if that content in the package doesn’t actually compress that well, you may not save as much space as you might expect. Here a quick win to reduce... [Read More]
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Disable Hibernation before enabling Hyper-V on a laptop

If you enable Hyper-V on a laptop (or any other machine where hibernation is enabled automatically) you’ll find that you won’t be able to delete the hibernation file (hiberfil.sys).  Although hibernation is effectively disabled, the file remains in use once Windows has booted: [Read More]
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Adding Shell Extensions to App-V Packages

Inspired by a post on the ThinApp blog on Adding Shell Extensions to ThinApp Packages, I’ve documented here how to add Shell Extensions to an App-V package using the Windows Installer file generated by the App-V Sequencer. [Read More]
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Just how do Exclusions in App-V packages work?

Exactly how do folder and Registry exclusions work in App-V? I had presumed that exclusions for both folder and Registry paths would carry over to package execution. This is something that I had made some assumptions about and it’s only recently that I looked into exclusions in detail to get... [Read More]
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200 App-V Recipes, Tips and Tricks to keep you busy

With (far) more than a little help from another App-V MVP, Nicke Källén, we’ve been compiling a list of completed App-V recipes plus links to various places around the Internets where you’ll find assistance in getting your applications virtualised in App-V.. [Read More]
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App-V FAQ: What are the deployment methods for App-V?

There are several methods that you can use to deliver App-V packages in your environment – you could even combine the methods depending on your requirements. I will summarise the methods here and give you some links to existing Microsoft articles and white papers and some excellent blog posts that... [Read More]
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App-V FAQ: Where can I find information on sequencing applications?

Before you even attempt your first sequence with App-V, I strongly recommend reading the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Sequencing Guide. This document lays the ground work for creating a successful sequencing environment and describes the best practices you should follow when sequencing. An older knowledgebase article exists, but it is... [Read More]
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Display corruption with Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset

I have a Dell Latitude XT2, which includes the Mobile Intel GM45 Chipset (and the Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD). On occasion I’ve experienced display corruptions issues that make working with the laptop somewhat difficult. [Read More]

App-V FAQ: How is App-V licensed?

Microsoft App-V is available in two flavours: for desktops (this includes laptops and virtual desktops – essentially anything that will run Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7) and for Remote Desktop Services (RDS). [Read More]
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App-V FAQ: What is Application Virtualisation?

<img class=”wlDisabledImage” style=”margin: 0px 0px 5px 10px; display: inline; border-width: 0px;” title=”AppV-FAQ-Logo” src=”/media/2010/06/AppVFAQLogo.png alt=”AppV-FAQ-Logo](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_virtualization) as: [Read More]
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App-V Frequently Asked Question Series

Starting tomorrow, I have a new blog post series - Microsoft App-V FAQs. There has been a SoftGrid FAQ blog on Microsoft TechNet in the past, but it’s now very  out of date. You can find official FAQs such as the App-V 4.6 on TechNet and an App-V 4.5 SP2... [Read More]
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Disable the EU Browser Choice screen

You’re probably aware of the Browser Choice screen coming to Windows users in the EU, the update that forced on users because of a company that can’t do something a bunch of volunteers have done quite admirably. This update will actually unpin Internet Explorer from the taskbar even if you’ve already made... [Read More]

App-V 4.6 Released

Microsoft Application Virtualisation 4.6 (RTM) has been made available, which you can download from the Microsoft Download Centre, including some new and updated support tools: [Read More]
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RemoteApp for Hyper-V. Hyper what?

Microsoft posted about RemoteApp for Hyper-V yesterday, which was essentially highlighting the application publishing capabilities available in Windows XP mode and Windows Virtual PC; however this particular blog post calls out the use of RemoteApp to publish applications on Windows XP and Vista guests running under Hyper-V. [Read More]
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Windows Server 2008 SP2: What's in it for Terminal Servers?

As you’re most likely aware, Microsoft has recently made available Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2. If you would like to know the details of every single fix and feature in the service pack, download this spreadsheet: Hotfix and Security Update List: Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista... [Read More]

Some More Windows Virtual PC Screens

Of course, Windows Virtual PC has been covered in detail already, but I got a chance to play with the product and there’s some neat UI experiences that I hadn’t seen covered yet. Here’s a quick overview of interacting with Windows Virtual PC. [Read More]

Did you know that App-V 4.5 CU1 is not beta?

I’m a little slow off the mark here (I’ve got my head buried in something unrelated), but I’ve just found out today that the App-V 4.5 Cumulative Update 1, although only available on Connect, is not actually a beta, it is the final code that you can start deploying. [Read More]
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Pismo File Mount for using ISOs in Windows 7

My old favourite Daemon Tools just hasn’t been working in Windows 7, so I’ve been on the look out for another tool for mounting ISOs. I haven’t really liked other tools like CloneDrive or PowerISO, but I’ve come across Psimo File Mount (via My Digital Life, I think) which so... [Read More]
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Start Menu in Windows 7 7057

In addition to the new Start Menu customisation options available in build 7048, build 7057 introduces a very subtle change when using the Windows 7 Basic theme. The links on the right-hand side of the Start Menu gain a faux glass look, which gives the Start Menu a little more consistency... [Read More]
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Command Prompt in Windows 7 7048

I like the Command Prompt, it’s a little like those old worn out pair of shoes that you just don’t want to get rid of. I’m also a fan of the Consolas font, so when I can mix it with Command Prompt, those old shoes get a new lease on... [Read More]

Start Menu in Windows 7 7048

For those looking to fit just about every link possible on their Start Menu, Windows 7 build 7048 and above are aiming to please. In addition to the options seen in earlier builds, 7048 adds Downloads, Homegroup and the ability to edit the number of recent items in Jump Lists:... [Read More]
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What's removable in Windows 7 7048

A little more than just Internet Explorer 8 is removable in Windows 7 build 7048. This build allow you to remove Internet Explorer 8, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player (no more N editions, I presume) and even Windows Search: [Read More]
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ACDC vs. SoftBar – Fight!

Two great tools for managing App-V applications have appeared in the last few weeks - SoftBar and the App-V 4.5 Client Diagnostic and Configuration tool (ACDC). Thanks to the efforts of Greg Brownstein and Ment van der Plas, we have some excellent choices for improving the way we can manage and... [Read More]
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Flex Profiles 6 is available

A press release from Immidio landed in by inbox today - Flex Profiles, formerly by Login Consultants, has been updated to version 6. It comes as a free Express version and from what I can tell, you can pay for support. [Read More]

"Fixing" Windows Briefcase

For the 10 people who use Windows Briefcase, this one is not for you. If you’re like me and can’t stand the rough edges in Windows that have yet to be cleaned up, the Windows Briefcase icon is a bit of an eye sore because it still uses a Windows... [Read More]
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Santa Claus is watching you

It’s been a busy December, so it’s been a bit quiet around here and by the time you read this I’ll be on the slopes somewhere around Arinsal, so here’s my final post for the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Saturnalia or Yule or whatever it is you do or... [Read More]

App-V Sequencer fails to install

Attempting to install the App-V Sequencer may not be successful and result the message “The wizard was interrupted before Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer could be completely installed”. Of course the message in the dialog isn’t particularly helpful, so what’s going on? [Read More]
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Adobe CS3, App-V 4.5 and 0xc0150002

If you are deploying any of the Adobe CS3 application (such as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign) suite in App-V 4.5, this knowledgebase article may come in handy: When launching applications from the Adobe CS3 suite using Application Virtualization 4.5 clients, you may encounter an error: 0xc0150002 [Read More]
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Sometimes it pays to RTFM..

A reader e-mailed me the other day about the KEEPCURRENTSETTINGS property of the App-V 4.5 client setup and how when used on the command line, other properties are ignored. I hadn’t seen this behaviour – or so I thought until I found that my client install script was not setting... [Read More]
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CLI02-PD: New features in App-V 4.5

This was a session to demo the new features in App-V 4.5, mainly aimed at those people already familiar with App-V. It was presented by Gene Ferioli, a senior program manager on the App-V team. Gene worked with the SCCM team on the App-V integration for SCCM 2007 R2. [Read More]

TechEd EMEA 2008 - First Impressions

After experiencing some initial troubles with Internet access from my hotel room, I might be able to start posting some pieces from Tech∙Ed here in Barcelona. Some of these might be out of chronological order, but first up here’s a general odds and ends from my first few days here:... [Read More]

Issues Sequencing Adobe Reader 7 or 8 in App-V 4.5

Microsoft posted a knowledgebase article yesterday titled: With Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 you are unable to Sequence Adobe Reader 7.x or 8.x due to NETOP FEAD Installer error. Essentially the NETOP FEAD installer is not compatible with the 4.5 Sequencer (or perhaps that’s the other way around). [Read More]
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Juggling Sun Java Runtimes in App-V

<img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-775” style=”border: 0px;” title=”softgridcube-java” src=”/media/2008/10/softgridcube-java.png” border=”0” alt=” before, but it’s not because I like Java… So before I get into a tirade about it, here’s yet another post on the subject.. [Read More]

Troubleshooting an Extraneous UAC Prompt

Even though I log onto my domain machine with a standard user account, I’ve been prompted by UAC to elevate when running Registry Editor. After putting up with it for a couple of months, I finally got around to doing something to fix it today. [Read More]
Tags: UAC

Tomorrow: Developing and Running As Non-Admin

At the next Vista Squad meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 15th October), along with Ray Booysen, I’ll be presenting on User Account Control and developing & running as non-admin. There’s a few things we’ll cover, including: [Read More]

App-V Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007

Now this looks good: Microsoft Application Virtualization Management Pack for Systems Center Operations Manager 2007. If you’re deploying applications via any virtualisation/streaming solution, monitoring is essential. [Read More]
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TechEd EMEA 2008

<img style=”display: inline; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px” title=”TechEd” src=”/media/2008/10/teched.png” border=”0” alt=”TechEd](http://emea.msteched.com/itpro/sessionpreferencesurvey.aspx) has been posted (you’ll have to be attending to see it). There’s plenty of excellent sessions to choose from and for me it’s going to be lots of App-V and Windows Vista content. [Read More]
Tags: TechEd 2008

Keeping The Windows Vista User Folder Clean

Because I’m a stickler for clean UI, I want to ensure users don’t see extra files or folders in their User folder on Windows Vista. I’m trying to avoid something similar to what you can see in the screenshot below, which looks a little out of place: [Read More]

Application Virtualization 4.5 Podcast

A podcast that gives you can overview of Microsoft Application Virtualisation 4.5 has been posted that is worth checking out if you’re new to App-V or want to find out what version 4.5 is all about: Windows Springboard Series: AppV™ Application Virtualization [Read More]
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App-V Talk Slide Deck

The WMUG meeting was well attended tonight and my talk went better than expected considering that most of what I plan to say goes out the window as soon as I stand at the front of the room (I’m still new to this speaking malarkey). [Read More]
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App-V Talk At WMUG This Thursday

I’m going to be presenting a session on Microsoft Application Virtualisation 4.5 at the Windows Management User Group this coming Thursday (11th of September) at Microsoft’s offices in Victoria here in London: [Read More]
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My Product Code Is Bigger Than Yours..

I thought 25 character product keys where a pain in the proverbial, but this one takes the cake. I won’t tell you which application this authorisation code is for, but it’s a whopping 93 characters long.. [Read More]

Free MSI Editor: InstEd

I haven’t used Orca to edit MSI files since I found Camwood appEditor around November last year. Since then though, appEditor has become has become InstEd and it’s even better than its’ predecessor. [Read More]
Tags: MSI

Avoiding Explorer’s Security Warning Prompts

Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 made some changes to the way Windows handles specific file types opened or downloaded from certain locations, which results in Open File – Security Warning prompts like these: [Read More]

Sun JRE Install Script Update

I’ve updated my Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.6 Update X script, again. Updating this script seems to be a never ending task, usually because I find mistakes but this time around I’ve made a couple of changes including Windows x64 support. The script will now supports installing the 32-bit version... [Read More]

Intel vPro and Network Access Protection

Here’s something I found interesting about Intel’s vPro management tool - Network Access Protection interaction is supported in hardware - even before the operating system has loaded. This isn’t mean to replace the agent in the OS, but it great stuff from a management perspective. Here’s the details: [Read More]
Tags: NAP

Update On Running Adobe CS3 Applications In SoftGrid

I have previously detailed some efforts on sequencing some of the Adobe CS3 applications (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and some challenges related to the FLEXnet licensing component that comes with each application. It’s only recently that we’ve been able to do some user acceptance testing and we’ve found that the... [Read More]
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Disk Usage Display Improvement In Windows Vista

I’ve stumbled across a nice usability improvement in Windows Vista that had escaped me until today - the display of free disk space. Of course this feature has been in Windows Explorer since Windows 95, but the improvement in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is the reporting of disk... [Read More]

Citrix Enters The Profile Management Space

As you’re probably aware, because all the major blogs have covered it already, Citrix has purchased sepagoProfile from sepago with an agreement for sepago to continue development over the next 18 months. The product will become Citrix User Profile Manager. [Read More]

Citrix Drops The Icon Ball

Instead of waiting for Citrix to support Windows Vista icon sizes in their new beta client, I’ve updated it myself. I’ll bet the Mac OS X client gets a full size icon (Leopard supports 512 x 512 pixels). Why does Vista have to be a second class citizen? [Read More]
Tags: XenApp

SoftGrid Applications Keep Coming Back

I’m currently seeing this in my own lab environment - SoftGrid application shortcuts are created even though the application has been disabled, deleted or the user account has been removed from the application group. [Read More]
Tags: SoftGrid

May User Group Presentations

I’ve got two user group presentations coming up next month where I’ll be presenting on Microsoft SoftGrid and why I think application virtualisation is great stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a bit about some other appvirt products in there too. [Read More]
Tags: SoftGrid

Remote Server Administration Tools Available

The wait is finally over - the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools are available. The RSAT also includes a the command line version of the tools as well. There is a knowledge base article, KB941314, but it’s not yet available. [Read More]
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Blog Plug: Vista Vitals

Gordon Martin from Canada writes a great blog on his experiences deploying Windows Vista. It’s a good read and there’s a fair number of little gems in there. I’ve been meaning to post some links to his site for some time, but I’ve just been slack and haven’t gotten around... [Read More]

Placing The SoftGrid User Data Directory

If you’re in the process of rolling out SoftGrid Application Virtualisation, you’ve most likely considered placement of the User Data Directory. The User Data Directory (or user cache) holds application configuration that would normally be stored in the user profile. [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Thursday March 13 2008

Network Access Protection is a great new feature of Windows Server 2008 that will help you understand the health of your client machines (Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 3) and increase the trust in your network. [Read More]

New Java Runtime Coming. Set Phasers To Yawn

for release later this year and there’s a couple of changes to this version that have some bearing on deployment. I can’t imagine there is an enterprise out there that doesn’t have to deal with Java applications. [Read More]
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Planning and Deploying Group Policy? This Is For You

Here’s a great document from the Microsoft writing team on planning and deploying Group Policy for Windows Server 2008. Many of the details in this document do apply to Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server as well. This document is the place to start for anyone dealing with Group... [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Tuesday February 19 2008

Network Access Protection is a great new feature of Windows Server 2008 that will help you understand the health of your client machines (Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 3) and increase the trust in your network. [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Thursday February 7 2008

Network Access Protection is a great new feature of Windows Server 2008 that will help you understand the health of your client machines (Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 3) and increase the trust in your network. [Read More]
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Virtualising Apple QuickTime 7.x

Here’s how to create a custom Apple QuickTime 7.x installation for virtualisation. This post specifically deals with virtualising QuickTime with Microsoft App-V, but the general process should be similar for any application virtualisation product. [Read More]

The Short NAP: Thursday January 10 2008

The Short NAP is a quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are the links for Thursday the 10th of January 2008: [Read More]
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Loading Local AppVirt/SoftGrid Packages on Windows Vista

Testing applications inside the Microsoft Application Virtualisation (SoftGrid) bubble, from local packages (i.e. not streamed from the server) on Windows Vista requires a configuration change due to User Account Control. If you attempt to load an application from a local OSD file, you will receive the following error: [Read More]
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Remote Access Makes Users Happy

HP and the Chief Happiness Officer have teamed up to make the UK happy at work. It’s all about giving users choice and remote access looks to be a big part of that. 800 employees across different companies were ‘experimented’ on and the results speak for themselves: [Read More]

Tip Of The Day - Ain't Got No Tips

It’s been a while since an entrant in the Hall of Shame, so today I’m pleased to bring you a bit of a chuckle courtesy of ACDSee Standard 5.0. It seems that the Tips dialog in this old version, doesn’t like it if you’ve installed the application to a non-default... [Read More]

Windows Vista SP1 - Streamlining UAC Interaction

Here’s a great example of the improvements to interaction with User Account Control in Windows Vista Service Pack -creating folders in system locations (e.g. the Start Menu, Program Files etc.). This is probably the most ‘in your face’ UAC interaction, and beyond this I’ve personally found UAC to be quite... [Read More]

The Short NAP: Monday December 17 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are the links for Monday the 17th of December 2007: [Read More]
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Running the latest Oracle JInitiator

Here’s a really simple method for using running the latest version of the Oracle JInitiator even though your application may require a specific version. DISCLAIMER: This is most likely unsupported by Oracle but it thus far it’s worked for me. If you’re worried about your applications breaking don’t implement this... [Read More]
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Sequencing Adobe InDesign CS3

Adobe InDesign should be the last of the Adobe CS3 applications that I’ll have to sequence and like Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat, I had the same issues with sequencing and running the application on the client. So I don’t have to repeat myself, check out those posts first and here... [Read More]
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Sequencing Adobe Illustrator CS3

As with my earlier posts on sequencing Adobe Acrobat 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS3, I’ve struck the same manifest issues with Illustrator CS3. Here’s a quick breakdown on what I needed to do to get this application working: [Read More]
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Sequencing Adobe Photoshop CS3

Deploying Adobe applications with SoftGrid/Microsoft Application Virtualisation certainly takes a lot of patience, because like Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop took quite a long time to sequence and troubleshoot. Sequencing the application alone will take around 6 hours, but your mileage may vary. [Read More]
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More on SoftGrid and Adobe Acrobat

After working on sequencing Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional for the better part of four days, I’ve come to the conclusion that this application is just not going to work well from within SoftGrid. Here’s my reasoning: [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Friday November 22 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are the links for Friday the 22nd of November 2007: [Read More]
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Enable Streaming from File in SoftGrid 4.5

The default behaviour of the SoftGrid Application Virtualisation 4.5 client is to not allow applications to be streamed from a file, i.e. streaming an application from a local OSD file rather than from the server. If you attempt to load from a local package, you may see an error similar... [Read More]
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New Group Policy White Papers Up For Grabs

Here’s a couple of new Group Policy white papers released to the Microsoft Download Centre. They detail some great Group Policy additions coming with Windows Server 2008 and the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack. The Advanced Group Policy Management tool came out of what was DesktopStandard GPOVault and Group Policy Preferences... [Read More]
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SoftGrid: Launch Windows Explorer inside the bubble

If you’ve attempted to launch Windows Explorer as a component of your SoftGrid sequenced applications, you may find that you are not able to view folders within the SoftGrid protected environment (i.e. inside the bubble). When you attempt to view a folder that lies within the bubble or your SoftGrid... [Read More]
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Microsoft Deployment Available on Download Centre

Microsoft Deployment looks to have made it’s way to version 1.0 and is available on Microsoft’s Download Centre. There’s no real confirmation that this is the RTM/RTW release but it’s just been posted so I can only assume. [Read More]

Sun Java 6 Update 3 Deployment Script

I’ve just updated my Java Runtime Environment install script for Sun Java 6 Update 3. Apart from supporting the latest JRE update, this version of the script fixes some registry changes that I hadn’t got quite right previously. If you’ve not seen this script before here’s a breakdown of what... [Read More]
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CD/DVD Writing via Script with IMAPIv2

Looking to write to CD or DVD media via a script? Did you know that Windows includes an API to do just that? Version 2.0 of this API that is included in Windows Vista has also been made available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003: Image Mastering API v2.0 [Read More]

My Samsung P2 Review: great device with room for improvement

Any review of a touch screen digital audio player or phone is going to inevitably compare to the iPhone/iPod touch, but touch interfaces are the way forward because they just make sense. So here’s my quick and dirty review of the Samsung P2 which turned up this morning. [Read More]

Hey Look! A Developer Who Gets It!

Well they came close, really close, but full marks goes to Axialis for first making the command line options for their installer and then making them nice and easy to see too. I got a nice surprise when installing the latest version of Axialis IconWorkshop, which has a link to... [Read More]

Adobe Reader 8.1.1 Available

This is a about a week old (I’ve been away in Italy so I’m a bit behind), but Adobe have released Reader 8.1.1. Currently only available in English with quite a few languages still only receiving 8.0. You can download the full installer here and find what’s been updated here.... [Read More]
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"Page Cannot Be Displayed" in McAfee ePO?

Don’t get me started on the ridiculousness of wrapping an MMC console around a web application served by Apache Tomcat to administer McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (surely one or the other, not both), but you may see this error after you log into the console instead of seeing the expected settings... [Read More]

The Short NAP: Friday September 28 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are the links for Friday the 28th of September 2007: [Read More]

The Short NAP: Wednesday September 12 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. This one is a little too semi-regular, so this is almost three months worth of links. Here are the links for Wednesday the 12th of September 2007: [Read More]
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ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update

Don’t call it a service pack, but what’s a service pack by any other name? Seems it’s a “Supportability Update”. Microsoft have released an update for ISA Server 2006 that brings the features that ISA Server 2004 got with Service Pack 3. Here’s the breakdown of what’s included: [Read More]

Script: Update Published Application Icons

In a previous post I detailed updating your Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 environment to support true/high colour icons for published applications. One of the steps mentioned in the post is that you need to delete and re-publish each of your published applications to get a high colour icon, which detailed... [Read More]

Quering Domino via LDAP with VBscript

I don’t really want to admit to interacting with Lotus Notes but that’s a part of what I’m doing currently. More specificially I’m attempting to query Domino via LDAP with a VBS script. It turns out that this is a fairly simple process and you can use the Active Directory... [Read More]
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NAP Component Diagram

Following on from the Windows Server 2008 Component Posters, I’ve made a nice PNG of just the NAP component. This does a great job at giving you an overview of how the NAP components work, much easier than trawling though a document. Click on the picture below for a larger... [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Thursday July 12 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are links for Thursday the 12th of July 2007: [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Thursday June 14 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are links for Thursday the 14th of June 2007: [Read More]
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Adobe Reader 8.1 Direct Download Links

For anyone deploying Adobe Reader, the direct download links for Adobe Reader are far more useful than the standard download that attempts sell you on how great Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition and the Google Toolbar are. [Read More]
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Deploying Adobe Reader 8

Deployment of Adobe Reader in an enterprise environment has been much simplified since version 6, however there is still some important preparation before you think about deploying version 8. Adobe have compiled information on enterprise deployment which are available on the following pages - I prefer the developer page over... [Read More]
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Adobe Reader 8.1 Released

Adobe have released version 8.1 of Reader that includes updates for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, including preview in Outlook 2007. I’ll update my Adobe Reader deployment tools as soon as I can, however I don’t see any reason why ~~[my existing transform files](/deployment/disable-adobe-updater-with-adobe-customization-wizard-8) won’t work with this version~~ my existing... [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Thursday May 31 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are links for Thursday the 31st of May 2007: [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Wednesday May 23 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are links for Wednesday the 23rd of May 2007: [Read More]
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VMware ESX Server and Security Update MS07-22

We’ve had some issues with 32bit Windows on VMware ESX 3.0 which has been causing servers that have been patched with the MS07-22 security update to freeze on boot. The severity rating for this patch is Important and it fixes a vulnerability in the Windows kernel, you can read more... [Read More]
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The Short NAP: Monday May 7 2007

The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain Isolation related links from around the web. Here are links for Monday the 7th of May 2007: [Read More]
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Unattended VMware Tools

Here’s how to create an unattended installation of VMware Tools which I’ve aimed specifically at Terminal Servers, however you can apply the same concepts for any Windows server installed under any of the VMware virtualisation products. [Read More]

Files Not Moved to the Recycle Bin?

On our internal Terminal Servers the CEO has been having an issue whereby files or folders are not sent to the Recycle Bin, rather they are immediately deleted. If you logon with administrative rights on the machine, you can send files to the Recycle Bin. To date, he’d been told... [Read More]

Unattended Presentation Server 4.5

While things haven’t changed much since Presentation Server 4.0, I’ve put together what you’ll need to create an unattended install for Presentation Server 4.5. First up I’ve made a copy of the installation files from the CD and added them to a single folder. This includes a copy of the... [Read More]

PolicyMaker and Internet Explorer 7

If you are working with PolicyMaker Registry Extension, or any of the other PolicyMaker products, you will find the Microsoft Management Console will crash when you select the User Settings / Registry node when editing the Group Policy on machine that also has Internet Explorer 7 installed. If you look... [Read More]

Changing Icons and Labels for Mapped Drives

I had a need on a Terminal Server project last year to change the icon and label for client-mapped drives in use by Citrix Presentation Server clients. This proved to be quite easy to implement and actually worked well for users as they could more easily identify the drive mapped... [Read More]
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An Exchange 2007 Upgrade Is Like a Poke in the Eye

I’ve upgraded our internal Exchange organisation over the last week and I’ve got to say Exchange 2007 is a completely different ball game. Now for seasoned Exchange architects and administrators a lot of the Exchange 2007 upgrade process is probably not new, but for those of us who don’t look... [Read More]
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Windows 2003 R2 and Integrated Service Pack 2

I recently ran into a spot of trouble with integrating Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 into Windows Server 2003 R2. After successfully installing Windows Server 2003 with integrated Service Pack 2 on a server I ran the R2 installer (SETUP2.EXE) and was greeted with this message: [Read More]

A Quick Look at the Windows Vista MMC Consoles

There’s got to be a quicker way of getting to the management tools in Windows right? Well here’s a quick look at the MMC files included in the base install of Windows Vista. I’ve put together a list of those files and whether you need to elevate to run them.... [Read More]

The Joy of a New Laptop

A couple of months back my old Toshiba TE2100 laptop that my wife has been using packed it in and it was time to look at a new one. I settled on a Dell and took delivery of a Dell XPS M1210 laptop last week. So far I’m pretty impressed.... [Read More]

Adventures in Access Gateway 4.5 Upgrade

Upgrading our Access Gateway last night proved to be a bit of a challenge where perhaps it should not have been. The problem was not with the product, more due to the time between installs. Access Gateway is generally requires little administration after deployment and it’s certainly not a product... [Read More]

Citrix Access Gateway and Scans for Domain Membership

The Endpoint Analysis feature of Citrix Access Gateway Advanced allows you to scan the client machine for specific criteria before the user is allowed access to internal network resources. One of these scans is machine membership of your internal domain. When configuring this scan you specify the NetBIOS name of... [Read More]

Recent Documents Sidebar Gadget

I came across a Windows Sidebar gadget the other day which is actually proving to be useful - the Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents gadget. It’s quite handy having a list of your recent documents available without having to go through the Start Menu. I recommend checking this one... [Read More]

The Short NAP: Tuesday March 20th 2007

I’ve been speedlinking some interesting Network Access Protection links in the past (which you can find here, here, here and here) and as speedlinking is so very 2006, I thought that I would rebrand these types of posts to ‘The Short NAP’. So here’s The Short NAP for Tuesday 20... [Read More]
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Uninstalling Adobe Reader

If for whatever reason you are looking to remove Adobe Reader from your computers, here’s how to remove these applications via a script or some other unattended means. I have tested this with Adobe Reader 6.0.1, 7.0.9 and 8.0 which are all readily available from the Adobe web site and... [Read More]

Presentation Server Client 10 still uses Windows Help

Gee, I expected a little more than this from Citrix - the new Presentation Server Client version 10 is still using the old 16-bit Windows Help format (.HLP). What’s the problem with this you say? Well, Windows Help is no longer included with Windows Vista and Microsoft have been discouraging... [Read More]

TweakVI encourages users to turn off UAC

TweakVI is a tweaking and “optimisation” application from Totalidea that is essentially a front end for a large number of registry settings that you can enable or disable to change the behaviour of features in Windows Vista. The application is mainly aimed at power users but I would assume that... [Read More]

SafeWord RemoteAccess Keeps You Waiting

If you are ever installing SafeWord RemoteAccess, don’t be in a hurry. Be prepared to wait while the Setup application downloads the application updates from the SafeWord site, you could be there a while. It’s clocked just over an hour now and it’s not my end: [Read More]
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Support Tips for Administrators

Being a project engineer for an outsourcing company, much of my time is spent working with system administrators rather than users but like users system administrators, need help from time to time. So here are a couple of tips related to support that I think are worth sharing (or re-sharing... [Read More]
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Intel Graphics and the Dynamically Generated DLL

I’ve recently noticed a DLL file from Intel that keep reappearing on my system drive and I’ve tracked this down to the display software on my laptop - I’ve recently moved to a Dell laptop that has an Intel 945GM display adapter. Here’s the DLL in question: [Read More]

Changing the Citrix Web Interface Font Face

I’ve never previously had to change the font face in Web Interface, but I’ve had to it today for the first time ever. Now one would think that this would be in a custom style sheet, but the CSS is actually inline in the Web Interface web pages. [Read More]

Fatal Error during Windows Setup

I received the following error (in a dialog box) from Windows Setup on a Terminal Server running Windows Server 2003 not long after GUI-mode setup started: [Read More]

Sophos Anti-Virus: Hide the Tray Icon

During my quest to disable as many tray icons as I possibly can, I’ve had to track down how to disable the tray icon for Sophos Anti-Virus in a Terminal Server environment. This one is pretty easy, it’s just a single DWORD registry value: [Read More]

Objective 7 Error Logging: Access Denied

Objective is an Enterprise Content Management system from Objective that uses a Win32 client that plugs into Office and can also be used as a stand-alone application for access to documents. I’m not a user of the application so I don’t really have an opinion on its effectiveness but organisations... [Read More]

Installing Microsoft Update Standalone Packages Silently

I can find very little information on the Update Standalone Packages on the Microsoft site, with this knowledgebase article being it. What I do know about them is that they use a .MSU file extenstion and they display a dialog box similar to the Windows Update install dialog when installing.... [Read More]

Shameless Self Promotion: Unattended Install Scripts

In case you were’nt aware, I have a number of install scripts for various applications that might be helpful for you if you are involved in any aspect of application deployment. A couple of these I have modified from an original script gleamed from AppDeploy.com. Hopefully you may find these... [Read More]
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TS Logon Issues? It's Not What You Think

Every six to eight months or so, I have an issue logging onto a Terminal Server and then have to research the issue each time from scratch because I can’t remember how I fixed it. Here’s how it starts - after logging onto a Terminal Server I receive the following... [Read More]

Disabling "Check for WinZip Update"

Some bright spark over at WinZip thought that it would be a great idea to build in an auto-update utility into WinZip so that users would be prompted to download the lastest version of WinZip as they are released. Unfortunately, this updater prompts users when they first run WinZip even... [Read More]
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Disable Adobe Updater with Adobe Customization Wizard 8

Adobe have released the Adobe Customization Wizard 8 to provide a method for customising the deployment of version 8 of the Acrobat products. This tool allows you to disable all of the most useless features included in the new release including Digital Editions, Adobe Online Services and even Adobe Updater... [Read More]
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Link: An Introduction to Network Access Protection

WindowsNetworking.com has posted an article about Network Access Protection: An Introduction to Network Access Protection (Part 1) by Brien Posey.This is a good overview and introduction to NAP. The next article will go into configuration details. [Read More]
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DELPROF: What The?

We all know that Windows is not case sensitive when it comes to the command line. Someone forgot to tell DELPROF though - you can use DELPROF in a script to automatically and silently delete user profiles. However it seems that you need to run the command in lower case,... [Read More]

Windows PE 2.0 and VMware Workstation

I’m working on a Presentation Server deployment project at the moment, and am deploying the servers with Windows PE 2.0 via Windows Deployment Services (WDS). I need to launch Windows Setup via WINNT32.EXE because the servers have two RAID sets and the client wants the user profiles on the second... [Read More]
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Link: Introduction to Server & Domain Isolation with Windows

Microsoft has posted what appears to be an updated document (version 1.1) from August 2005, Introduction to Server and Domain Isolation with Microsoft Windows. Server and Domain Isolation using IPSec is a great method for creating isolated networks to protect those networks from unwanted traffic. Domain isolation solves the problem... [Read More]

Deploying WinZip 11.0

Did you know that WinZip have an MSI installer available for WinZip 10.0 and 11.0? Neither did I until I was reading through their FAQ pages today. What I don’t get though is it’s not the default download you get for the product, you have to go looking for it... [Read More]

World of Network Access Protection Chat Transcript Available

The November 13, World of NAP chat transcript is finally available on the TechNet site. Unfortunately I’m usually asleep when these chats and webcasts are live, so I missed out on taking part, but here are some highlight questions from the chat (edited slightly for readability): [Read More]
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Swivel PINsafe and Citrix Access Gateway Installation Notes

The good guys over at Swivel have let me post a document that Graham Field (from Swivel) has created for integrating Swivel PINsafe into Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5. The document covers everything you’ll need to get PINsafe authentication working with Advanced Access Control, including setting up Turing or Single... [Read More]

Windows Vista Product Guide

Microsoft have posted the Windows Vista Product Guide on their Downloads Centre. At 61Mb and 316 pages this document is huge, but it’s go some great detail about what Windows Vista is all about. If you’re one of those people who thinks that Windows Vista is Windows XP Service Pack... [Read More]

No Preview For You!

I think that the attachment preview feature (see number 10) of Outlook 2007 is one of its best new features, however I’ve noticed that Outlook can’t preview calendar appointments sent as an attachment. So essentially, Outlook can’t preview it’s own files, do’h! Check out the screenshot: [Read More]
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Hotfix 5 for Advanced Access Control 4.2

Hotfix 5 (AAC420W005) is available for Advanced Access Control 4.2. The fix list is quite large - 50 fixes are listed in the readme file. One of the most important updates that you will need to be aware of, are changes to the Endpoint Analysis scans. This means that scans... [Read More]

Daemon Tools: You must reboot after a previous operation

Daemon Tools was giving me some grief after upgrading to Windows Vista RTM and I had to update to version 4.08 which includes an updated SPTD driver for the virtual CDROM drive. When running the 4.08 installer for the first time, I had to uninstall the old version and reboot.... [Read More]

Access Gateway and HTTP Error 500

We are testing a private hotfix from Citrix that addresses a HTTP Error 500 on the Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.2. You may have seen this error in your Access Gateway implementations where access to a Logon Point on the Access Gateway produces the error and a reboot of the... [Read More]

Now That's Not What I Expected

I’ve been checking out the excellent UltraMon on Windows Vista, which provides some cool hacks for multiple displays under Windows. One of the excellent hacks is the ability to assign a hotkey that moves an application between screens - when you hit the hotkey the application or window appears on... [Read More]

Better Together: Networking Scenarios with Vista and Longhorn Server

Ian Hameroff has put together a great webcast on the networking features of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server, and as you might expect from the title, how they work when the Longhorn client and server versions are teamed together. The webcast includes an overview of Network Access Protection and Windows... [Read More]
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Podcasting with Citrix France

Three months before Jay Tomlin started blogging and well before Citrite.org and CitrixCommunity.com popped up, Citrix France has been podcasting and blogging over at http://podcast.citrix.fr. It appears to be very much a marketing exercise rather than employees blogging about Citrix technologies and their experiences, but it’s interesting none the less.... [Read More]

AAC 4.2 and Swivel PINsafe

If you are looking to integrate the Swivel PINsafe one time password (OTP) authentication system into Advanced Access Control 4.2 you’ll find that it’s not going to work out of the box. You will see the following authentication packet sequence once you have configured PINsafe as a RADIUS profile within... [Read More]

Network Access Protection TechNet Forum

In case you weren’t aware, Microsoft have a web forum for support and discussion around NAP. It’s a little sparse at the moment with only 13 topics but once Longhorn Server is released this forum should become more widely used. [Read More]
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NAP MVP Webcast Available To All

Jeff Sigman, the NAP Release Manager at Microsoft, has posted a link to a webcast he did recently for MVPs, which is now available for general viewing. This is quite a long webcast (1h 40m) but it goes into detail about NAP and demonstrates using DHCP or IPSec as an... [Read More]
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ISA Server 2004 to 2006 Upgrade

I upgraded our firewall a couple of days ago from ISA Server 2004 to ISA Server 2006, which went fairly smoothly with the actual setup routine only taking about 5 minutes to complete. However, after the upgrade there were a couple of items required some configuration changes: [Read More]
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Windows Vista Tips

Here’s a couple of nifty tips for Windows Vista that I’ve learnt this week and wanted to share: [Read More]

Windows Vista and Font Inconsistency

I’m not alone in my frustration with Windows Vista (or Windows XP) and the inconsistency in font usage. Fonts are definitely in your face and consistent font usage helps the user distinguish between a UI element and content. David Vronay, Research Manager for Windows User Experience Compliance, has posted a... [Read More]
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IIS6, .ICA and 404 Not Found

I’m sure the use of adding .ICA files to web servers to launch published applications from Presentation Server doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but it’s still useful for adding a link to an application on an intranet site. After adding a .ICA file to IIS6, however, users... [Read More]
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Blogging with Word 2007

Having issues getting Word 2007 to register your blog provider? You may receive the following error message when attempting to add a blog account to Word: [Read More]
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Access Gateway Traffic Flow Diagram

I’ve put together a diagram detailing the flow of IP traffic between the different components of an Access Gateway with Advanced Access Control implementation. This is designed to give everyone involved in implementation of the Access Gateway an understanding of each component and the communication required between each host. This... [Read More]

Windows Vista 101: How to leave UAC on

This one is in reply to Long’s post, but to be fair I know he’s all for UAC. Windows Vista finally introduces some real security improvements to the Windows operating system that have been long overdue. The product is still in beta, however people are already up in arms about... [Read More]

Turning Off AutoComplete on a Logon Point

I went looking for this last week and just couldn’t find it. Well Sam Johnston has let us know how it’s done. If you want to stop the browser from offering to save your username and password when logging into the Access Gateway, follow these steps on your Advanced Access... [Read More]

Outlook 2007 Icon Already in Vista

Ah, the things you find when you’re looking for something else. I was extracting some icons from Window Vista with the excellent Axialis IconWorkshop and stumbled across MSSVP.DLL in the SYSTEM32 folder. It looks to be a part of Windows Seach. Well, this file has a number of Outlook icons... [Read More]
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Citrix Starts Blogging

Citrix (other than Jay Tomlin) have finally got their act together and started blogging. You can view the blogs at http://citrite.org/blogs/.

Customise Logon Point Source Files

Customising Logon points in Advanced Access Control is a fairly easy process. Customisation allows you to add a corporate look and feel to the user interface. However, removing and redeploying the Logon Point will remove all customisations - the Logon Point is just a bunch of HTML and graphic files.... [Read More]

Access Gateway CITRIX_ADMIN_MONITOR.EXE and Proxy Servers

If you run CITRIX_ADMIN_MONITOR.EXE and after you enter the username and password the Access Gateway does not display, this could be related to proxy settings in Internet Explorer. Even adding the address of the Access Gateway to the proxy bypass list does not solve the issue. Disable proxy settings in... [Read More]

Access Gateway Advanced Edition Session Viewer

Advanced Access Control 4.5 includes a session viewer to enable the administrator to view logged in sessions, either directly to Advanced Access Control or view the Acces Gateway (existing versions require you to connect to the Access Gateway desktop to view sessions). Click the link for a full view, note... [Read More]

Scheduling Reboots for the Access Gateway

Martijn Kools has very kindly let me repost his instructions for enabling SSH on the Access Gateway and scheduling a reboot. WARNING: This is a totally unsupported method for enabling SSH. Be sure to have a backup of the config of the AG and access to the Access Gatway CD... [Read More]

Esker Tun PLUS Requires Administrative Access

Today’s entrant into the Hall of Shame is Esker Tun PLUS which can be used to provide an ActiveX based terminal emulator via the web. This product downloads no less than 11 ActiveX controls and then wants the user to run an application named TRUST.EXE from a page that has... [Read More]

Profile Changes in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and beyond

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 introduce a number of new user profile paths and environment variables that differ from earlier versions of Windows and these changes may have an impact on scripts such as logon scripts and application install scripts. Most scripts should work correctly - VBScript scripts that... [Read More]

WSUS Build Numbers

I’ve recently updated a few WSUS servers with WSUS SP1. The admin tool shows build numbers but does not state if the version is RTM or SP1. For reference these build numbers are: [Read More]

Adventures with SAP GUI, SAPLPD and Terminal Server

Like all ridiculously expensive software we love to hate, the SAP GUI does not use standard Windows print queues to send print jobs, but implementes a printing method they call SAPLPD instead. This is launched by a process that looks to be external to the SAP GUI component and does... [Read More]

UI consistency and Microsoft Sans Serif

When Microsoft released Windows 2000, the new default UI font was changed to Tahoma from Microsoft Sans Serif. Unfortunately, not every team involved in developing Windows got the memo detailing this change. (There€™s a whole team for the Display properties applet right?). I think it was also the same teams... [Read More]

The Windows Network Status Icon is Evil

I’ve always thought that turning the little icon that displays network traffic on is dumb. From remote RDP or ICA sessions, it creates and endless loop of traffic. Here’s a quote from the “Advanced Concepts Guide: Citrix Presentation Server for Windows Version 4.0” [Read More]

Slow Program Neighbourhood Agent?

If the Citrix Program Neighbourhood Agent is slow to connect to the PNAgent web service and then takes time to display a list of applications, it’s probably related to folder redirection of the Application Data folder. Program Neighbourhood Agent, by default, stores cache information in the following folder: [Read More]

Windows Clustering in VMware Workstation 5

Truly geeky people will appreciate the ability to run their mailbox on their very own Exchange cluster running on their laptop. Not quite high availability but high on a list of silly things to do. Here’s how to create a cluser in VMware Workstation: [Read More]
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Juggling Java VMs

I’ve just spent yesterday and today working on a site where the client had a need to run both the Microsoft Java VM and the Sun Java VM on their Terminal Servers. (The Microsoft Java VM is used for one site only, yes developers strike again). I was pretty happy... [Read More]

Windows Firewall Technet Resources

Back in June, Microsoft created a resource section on TechNet for the Windows Firewall, check it out here. There is also a link to an article from way back in May 2004 about how Windows determines if the computer is on the domain network or another network and thus when... [Read More]

Checklist: Access Gateway with Advanced Access Control

After doing a few implementations of the Citrix Access Gateway with Advanced Access Control solution for remote access, I’ve found that successful implementations require some coordination to be implemented within a reasonable timeframe. This is especially challenging in large environment where things tend to move slowly. A checklist with prerequisites... [Read More]

Vista: Restarting with Applications Open

When a user reboots Windows XP or 2000 etc. with a program open the user is presented with all sorts of dialog boxes that are a little jaring and the whole experience has got to be confusing to users with only a basic understanding of Windows. Here’s how Windows Vista... [Read More]

Windows Aero over RDP / WPF Remoting(?)

I’ve been checking out a recent build of Windows Vista today and took the chance to look at connecting to a remote Windows Vista machine from Windows Vista over RDP. The result was impressive to say the least. The remote session has full support for Aero Glass including all the... [Read More]

Raymond Chen on Profile Folders

The latest TechNet Magazine has an article by Raymon Chen on the “Program Files” and “Documents and Settings” folders, including changes to the profiles folder in Windows Vista. It gives some clarification to the changes in Vista and I thought that it applies to my previous post. [Read More]
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WSUS Build Numbers

I’ve recently updated a few WSUS servers with WSUS SP1. The admin tool shows build numbers but does not state if the version is RTM or SP1. For reference these build numbers are: [Read More]
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Symantec Gateway Security 1600 and Sun Java

More fun with consoles developed in Java. Check out the administration tool for Symantecs’ Gateway Security 1600 appliance - 100% CPU usage just to display the logon dialog then 100Mb of RAM just after opening the console: [Read More]
Tags: Java

Citrix AAC and Microsoft's NAP

One of the great features of Citrix Advanced Access Control is the ability to control access to internal resources from trusted machines with End Point Analysis. Citrix have implemented their own client and server components to perform end-point analysis and ensure that client machines are safe for access. [Read More]

Die Microsoft Sans Serif, Die

When Microsoft released Windows 2000, the new default UI font was changed to Tahoma from Microsoft Sans Serif. Unfortunately, not every team involved in developing Windows got the memo detailing this change. (There’s a whole team for the Display properties applet right?). I think it was also the same teams... [Read More]
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Applications, Vendors and Citrix Presentation Server

I have a discussion topic that comes up again and again - client A has an application from vendor X that has only just been certified to run on Citrix Presentation Server version Y. This discussion topic is driving me nuts, driving me up the wall, round the bend, I... [Read More]

Citrix release virtualised ICA client

Citrix have added a new ICA client to their download site. This client is very interesting as it uses application virtualisation from Thinstall that allows the user to run the ICA client without installing it. This is great for users who travel and may want to access applications from their... [Read More]

Installing Office 2007 Beta 2 over Office 2003

If you currently have Office 2003 (or any Office 2003 component such as Visio or Publisher) installed you’ll run into some problems if you upgrade to Office 2007 Beta 2*. The Office 2003 components will not be completely removed and you may have issues such as returning shortcuts or Outlook... [Read More]
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Sizing Terminal Servers and the 4GB memory limit

Always an interesting discussion around the traps is that of how much memory to install in Terminal Servers. Due to the nature of Terminal Server and limitations of the 32bit architecture, kernel address space will be exhausted before a Terminal Server will run out of RAM (depending on the number... [Read More]

We Don't Need No Stinking Anti-Virus

I’ve recently had conversations about running anti-virus software on some specialised servers. Specifically Windows Servers running ISA Server 2004 or VMware Server (or Virtual Server). The argument for installing anti-virus software on these servers is to ensure they are protected against viruses and worms. I’ve been arguing against installing anti-virus... [Read More]

UPHClean 2.x Beta

The User Profile Hive Cleanup Service is a tool that I’ve even been installing on desktops. A beta for version 2.x is underway and Thomas Koetzing has an impressive writeup of the tool on his site here, where you can also sign-up for the beta. Version 2.x sounds great and... [Read More]
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Support Site Woes

Over the past week, I’ve been creating an internal Exchange best practice/check list document so that we can standardise on how we configure Exchange servers for our clients. This document includes a number of items including information on configuring AV scanners to exclude certain Exchange folders. I thought it best to... [Read More]

Event Search

Has Microsoft realised the power of EventID.Net? They’ve added an ‘Events and Errors Message Center’ page @ TechNet. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Applications

I spend alot of time troubleshooting applications on Windows XP and Windows Terminal Server. The challenge, especially in Terminal Server environments is to get applications running and still keep the environment secure. This means spending time with the Sysinternals tools and various others. Brian Madden has started posting videos and... [Read More]

Lessons from the field - Backup Active Directory

Backup the system state on your domain controllers. “Like duh!” you say, well that’s what I said too. I spent Friday a client’s site where a domain controller had gone down and they were experiencing issues with logons and Exchange. The client has/has four domain controllers, one at each of... [Read More]

IIS and Site Identifiers

Having previously having issues installing an applications on IIS where the Default Web Site (i.e. the site with an identifier of 1) no longer exists, I was hesitant to edit the METABASE.XML. So I bit the bullet, stopped IIS, opened METABASE.XML in Notepad and changed all instances of the existing identifier... [Read More]
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Lessons from the field - Virtual PC

Today’s lesson is: Virtual PC and shared folders are slow. I mean really, really slow. Try install Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 into a VM with the source files in a shared folder (Virtual PC shared folders), I almost slit my wrists waiting for that to install. It ended... [Read More]
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ISA Client Spy

Found this via Stanislas Quastana’s blog: ISA Client Spy. Free tools for ISA Server are great and this one, should be an excellent troubleshooting tool. [Read More]