Windows Vista Product Guide

Microsoft have posted the Windows Vista Product Guide on their Downloads Centre. At 61Mb and 316 pages this document is huge, but it’s go some great detail about what Windows Vista is all about. If you’re one of those people who thinks that Windows Vista is Windows XP Service Pack 3, then this document is for you, if you’re not, then this document is still for you too. This is the document to give to your sales team (you may have to read it to them - could take a while and you might need a little bell handy to let them know when to turn the page..). Here’s a break down of what the document covers:

  • Section 1: Introduction to Windows Vista
  • Section 2: Windows Vista Edition
  • Section 3: For All Users
  • Section 4: For Home Users
  • Section 5: For Business Users
  • Section 6: For IT Professionals
  • Section 7: Appendix

The document comes in Word 2007 and XPS formats, so you’ll need either the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, if you don’t already have Word 2007, or MSXML 6.0 and the XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack, if you’re not already running Windows Vista, to view it:

Another interesting download posted today is the Microsoft Windows Vista Readiness Assessment tool, although at the moment, it looks to me like someone hasn’t finished uploading the correct files. There are only XML files available for download - no WSSADS.EXE link, which should contain the assessment tool. Keep an eye on this one for updates:

The Windows Vista Readiness Assessment (WVRA) is an automated tool designed for customers and parters to quickly assess network-wide their PCs’ readiness for Windows Vista. It provides detailed reporting on hardware and device driver compatibility for upgrades to Windows Vista:

UPDATE: The Vista Readiness Assessment tool has been removed from the Download Centre. Keep an eye out for a re-release some time soon.