A list of projects and additional resources.

If you’ve found any of the projects below useful and wish to show support, I’m partial to a good coffee:



evergreen icon

Evergreen is a PowerShell module that returns the latest version and download URLs for a set of common Windows applications.

Evergreen App Version Tracker

Evergreen App Version Tracker is a site that uses Evergreen to track the latest version and download URLs for applications supported by Evergreen. The site is updated every 4 hours.


VcRedist icon

VcRedist is a PowerShell module for lifecycle management of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.


PSPackageFactory icon

PSPackageFactory integrates Evergreen, VcRedist, and IntuneWin32App to create a packaging factory for Microsoft Intune.

Windows Customised Defaults

image-customise icon

Windows Customised Defaults is a solution for customising a Windows image to change the settings from the Microsoft defaults to something more enterprise ready. The solution will update the Windows default profile, including configuring the default Start menu, and configure Windows feature states.

Microsoft 365 Apps packager

Microsoft 365 icon

Microsoft 365 Apps packager is a PowerShell script and workflow for creating and importing a Win32 package into Intune for the Microsoft 365 Apps.


FSLogix - documentation for various PowerShell scripts and resources that I’ve built for managing FSLogix Container and App Masking.


packer icon

Packer - dynamically generated application inventory reporting for tracking changes across Windows image builds via Azure DevOps and Packer.