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A Package Factory for Microsoft Intune


PSPackageFactory is a fork of IntuneWin32AppPackager combined with Evergreen and VcRedist to create an automated packaging factory for Microsoft Intune.

This package factory enables maintaining a library of applications for automatic update, packaging and import into Microsoft Intune. New-Win32Package.ps1 uses Evergreen and VcRedist to download the latest version of a target application before packaging and importing into Intune.

Evergreen and VcRedist are used to keep the library up to date by updating App.json for each package via a GitHub Workflow that runs once every 24 hours. This ensures that the packaging factory is always current and will create an Intune Win32 application package using the latest available version.

Package Framework

For applications that can't be automatically updated (e.g., installers are locked behind a login, or an installer that is custom to the target environment), this packaging framework can be used as a repeatable process to package and import those applications into Intune.

This is important when an application package needs to be updated for a new version of the application. Ensuring that the new package is consistent with previous versions provides consistent deployments.


PSPackageFactory builds on IntuneWin32AppPackager, and adds functionality including:

  • Supports a library of application packages or application update packages
  • Automatically updates App.json with details of the latest application version
  • Supports icons available over HTTPS - the icon will be downloaded at packaging time
  • Supports additional Win32 application package properties
  • Adds package properties to enable identification of the same application across multiple versions