Applications, Vendors and Citrix Presentation Server

I have a discussion topic that comes up again and again - client A has an application from vendor X that has only just been certified to run on Citrix Presentation Server version Y. This discussion topic is driving me nuts, driving me up the wall, round the bend, I think I’m gonna have an aneurism. Why is the concept of Presentation Server so hard to understand? Presentation Server does not do anything to applications, it’s Terminal Services that is doing the work. Write the applications properly in the first place so we can run it anywhere, run it as a limited user, run it on the latest Service Pack and run on Terminal Server. It’s not that hard, start here:

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve just been speaking to a distributor of an application where the vendor has just certified their application for Presentation Server 4.0 Advanced Edition. Aarrggh..