Converting CTX114501 to a readable format

You’ll then have tackled with the product matrix that comes as a PDF instead of something more reasonable like, say, a spread sheet. There’s probably a good reason for this document to be a PDF, but it’s not the best format for reading this type of information.

In one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments, CTP Timco Hazelaar (and all round good guy) responded to my question to a mailing list about this document in Excel format, by putting the document through a PDF to Excel converter.

I had some mixed results with various online converters, but this one was fairly reasonable: PDF to Excel by Nitro PDF. You can upload a PDF and the site will then convert the file and email you the result. I haven’t tested the desktop version, but I assume it to be a similar experience.

After conversion, the file still required some cleanup, but the end result is a format more readable and workable than the original. You can view the embedded document here and download for full fidelity.