App-V FAQ: What are the current versions of App-V 4.x?

There are currently several versions of App-V 4.x available for deployment, although it is highly recommended that you deploy or migrate to 4.6 SP2. For the full list of available versions and hotfixes for all App-V components see the spread sheet at the end of this post.

App-V Client

The current App-V client versions are shown in the table below:

VersionDesktop ClientRemote Desktop Services Client
App-V 4.5 SP14.5.2.199114.5.2.19911
App-V 4.5 SP24.5.3.200314.5.3.20031
App-V 4.6 English only4.6.0.103314.6.0.10331
App-V 4.6 Languages release4.6.0.301014.6.0.30101
App-V 4.6 SP14.6.1.301314.6.1.30131
App-V 4.6 SP24.6.2.240204.6.2.24020

App-V Management Server and Streaming Server

The current version of the App-V Management Server and the App-V Streaming Server is 4.5.x. This is true for both the App-V 4.5 and 4.6 client – there are no server components currently at version 4.6.

App-V Management Server4.5.3.20031
App-V Streaming Server4.5.3.19480

App-V Sequencer

The current App-V Sequencer versions are shown in the table below:

VersionSequencer Version
App-V 4.5 SP24.5.3.19480
App-V 4.6 English only4.6.0.10181
App-V 4.6 Languages release4.6.0.30051
App-V 4.6 SP1 HF34.6.1.30091
App-V 4.6 SP24.6.2.24020

The Complete List

If you are looking for the complete list of App-V client, server and Sequencer versions since 4.5, I have taken a spread sheet initially created by Justin Zarb, and updated it with the latest releases. An embedded view the spread sheet, hosted on SkyDrive, is below for easy viewing:

Note: the dates are in UK format