Microsoft Office Click-to-Run for Office 2010 KB articles help explain how Office runs under App-V

A number of knowledgebase articles have been updated recently that are interesting reading if you’re looking to understand how Microsoft Office works under App-V, and the limitations if you deploy Office in this method. If you’re already not aware, Office delivered by Click-to-Run is actually a modified version of App-V under the hood. There’s also an overview of Microsoft Office Click-to-Run for Office 2010 worth reading.

Articles that detail limitations and workarounds that have been updated recently include:

There’s even an article on getting into the virtual environment (which is good for a laugh):

For even more articles on Click-to-Run, start with this search on the Microsoft Support site.

Although some of the same limitation don’t apply if you are creating your own App-V package for Office, these articles are still worthwhile resources.