Citrix Client and Hotfix Updates

Citrix have released version 10 of the Presentation Server Client and the new Citrix Streaming Client as well as Hotfix Rollup 3 for Presentation Server 4.0:

The new client is one ugly looking application - 16 colour icons, a splash screen and icon that looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old in Paint and the default location for the cache is still in the roaming portion of the users profile. Hey guys when are we going to get a client worthy of 2007? This version of the client does have a very interesting and welcome feature:

Non-administrator client installation. This feature allows client users who do not have administrator privileges on a €œlocked down€ computer, such as an Internet cafe or kiosk, to download the Ica32pkg.msi package and install a modified Web Client on a per-user basis. In this way, users can have secure, remote access to their applications.

Hotfix Rollup Pack PSE400W2K3R03 - For Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, Citrix Access Essentials 1.0 and 1.5 for Windows Server 2003

Here’s some important notes from the readme:

  1. Caution: Do not install this hotfix rollup pack on 64-bit operating systems.
  2. Before installing this hotfix rollup pack, you must uninstall Hotfixes PSE400W2K3029 and PSE400R01W2K3053, if present, from Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. Failing to do so may lead to system inconsistencies.
  3. Installing this hotfix rollup pack partially invalidates the following hotfixes: PSE400R02W2K3065, PSE400R02W2K3066, PSE400R02W2K3067, PSE400R02W2K3069. This happens because not all fixes in these hotfixes are included in the hotfix rollup pack. Obtain or request the corresponding replacement hotfixes for any invalidated fixes you require.
  4. See Knowledge Center article CTX110836 for known install behaviors and their workarounds.
  5. Installation Manager for Presentation Server 4.0 occasionally reports failure to deploy hotfixes and hotfix rollup packs even if the jobs succeed. See Knowledge Center article CTX110827 for more information.