NAP to be removed from Windows Vista?

Via Steve Riley and from the Today Tonight school of journalism comes NAP to be ‘kicked out’ of Vista. Here’s a couple of snippets:

Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP) technology may be dropped from its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system, while the industry remains divided over the definition of network access control (NAC) and the problems it is trying to solve.


Microsoft is better at creating hype than creating solutions. It promises that NAP is going to be in Vista, but it said a lot of other things were going to be in Vista that won’t be, like its new file system and search engine. I think that NAP also will be kicked out eventually,€ he said.

Don’t you think it’s a little late in the game to be ditching NAP from Vista with RC2 almost upon us? I’m also struggling to see how the industry ‘remains divided’ over the problems that these technologies are attempting to solve. Who out there can say they can trust every single machine that connects to their network? Sounds like everyone’s catching the Symantec bug..