Take part in the OS Deployment Automation Survey

At Citrix Synergy in Anaheim next month, I’ll have the opportunity to present a Geek Speak Live session - Hands Off My Gold Image! If you aren’t automating the creation of your gold images, there’s lots to learn in this session. Even if you are automating your gold images, perhaps there’s something new that I can still share with you. In this session, which will be demo heavy, I’ll show you some ways that you can deliver build automation with toolsets provided by Microsoft and Citrix.

I’m big on automation, especially when it comes to gold images. If you’re building images via a manual process, I contend that you cannot deliver the quality and consistency that is provided through an automated process. PVS, MCS/linked clones etc. are not a replacement for automation either. An open and repeatable build process improves the user experience and reduces the cost of support, because Windows is no longer a black box. Instead the entire process from start to finish, can be viewed, interrogated and understood by everyone.

In my role at Kelway, I get to talk many customers about how to better deliver and manage their physical and virtual desktop environments, but it’s still surprising to me that often automation is an afterthought.

So for this talk, I wanted to provide more than just anecdotal evidence, I’d like to back up my approach with some real data. That’s where I need 60 seconds of your time to contribute to a survey. Here’s a 5 question, anonymous survey designed to gather some details on OS automation in hosted desktop environments:

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This survey will be available until at least Synergy in May, where I’ll present the results during my talk - Hands Off My Gold Image!