Presentation Server Client 10 still uses Windows Help

Gee, I expected a little more than this from Citrix - the new Presentation Server Client version 10 is still using the old 16-bit Windows Help format (.HLP). What’s the problem with this you say? Well, Windows Help is no longer included with Windows Vista and Microsoft have been discouraging its’ use for some time now. Yes you can now download a version of Windows Help for Vista from Microsoft, but it’s not guaranteed to work with all .HLP files.

So what are we left with now? An unavailable help system when you use the client on Windows Vista. And I don’t think that deploying Windows Help is the right solution. Citrix, can we please have a client worthy of Windows Vista?

Citrix do have a known issues list with the client and Windows Vista, which indicates the next client release for mid 2007. Let’s hope it gets a facelift and this help issue sorted out too.