HP and VMware team to reinvent the wheel

I’m a bit slow, it’s about a month old now, but I spotted this article in CRN Australia magazine about how HP and VMware are teaming to bring VDI to the masses. Here’s an intro from the article:

Hewlett-Packard is teaming up with virtualisation vendor VMware to offer enterprises the option of re-centralizing end user desktops on central servers. It’s the prospective rollback of the client/server revolution.

Instead of employees being given their own computers, they would be served their Microsoft Office applications from a virtual machine in a data centre.

The application running on a virtual machine would have its interactions streamed down to a user’s thin client, or regular computer if a desktop machine was left in place. But the application logic would be performed on a server in a virtual machine.

Perhaps someone should let HP and VMware know that we’ve been doing this for years with Terminal Server. I can’t help thinking that VDI is a solution looking for a problem. Sure it might help solve some application issues, but yet again it’s something that enterprises are resorting to, to fix issues which should be addressed by developers writing their applications correctly in the first place.