PolicyMaker and Internet Explorer 7

If you are working with PolicyMaker Registry Extension, or any of the other PolicyMaker products, you will find the Microsoft Management Console will crash when you select the User Settings / Registry node when editing the Group Policy on machine that also has Internet Explorer 7 installed. If you look at the crash details you will see that the fault is with MSHTML.DLL.

Fortunately there is a work around until the next version of PolicyMaker is released to address the issue. The DesktopStandard knowledgebase has details on the issue and the workaround:

When PolicyMaker is installed on a computer with Internet Explorer 7 also installed, attempting to configure PolicyMaker items in the GPMC results in the following error message:

Event ID: 1000 Faulting application mmc.exe, version 5.1.600.2180, faulting module mshtml.dll, version 7.0.5730.11,
fault address 0x00156e17

** This will be fixed in the next release of PolicyMaker products.

As a workaround, Internet Explorer 7 should be uninstalled, or the PolicyMaker snapin should be installed on a computer that does not have Internet Explorer 7 installed. Alternatively, you can disable the PolicyMaker extended view tab in the MMC. This prevents the errors and still allows you to edit PolicyMaker items.

Simply rename the following Registry keys:


The easiest thing to do is add a dash to the end of the key name, so it will be disabled, but you can easily find it to re-enable it later. Note that you may not have all three of these keys, if you don’t have all of our products installed. Just rename the ones that you have.