App-V FAQ: Where can I download App-V?

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Depending on how you license App-V, you may need to download the ISO from different sources:

App-V for Desktops

To obtain the App-V for Desktops software, you must be a valid Software Assurance customer. App-V for Desktops is available in the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) download:

  • Log into the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre:
  • Navigate to the Software Downloads section
  • Find the Software Assurance section
  • Download the latest Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance version (currently MDOP 2012)
  • Extract the ISO to obtain the App-V components

App-V for RDS

App-V for RDS is available from the Microsoft Download Center. These downloads are available to anyone, but you must have valid RDS Client Access Licenses to run this software in production:

TechNet and MSDN Subscribers

If you have a TechNet or MSDN subscription you can download several versions of App-V:

  • Login into TechNet or MSDN with your Windows Live ID
  • Navigate to Downloads and Product Keys
  • App-V for RDS can be found under Product Categories / Servers / Application Virtualization.
  • App-V for Desktops be found under Product Categories / Servers / Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack or Servers / Application Virtualization.

The following downloads should be available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers

  • Application Virtualization 4.6 for Remote Desktop Services Service Pack 1 (x86) - CD (Multiple Languages)
  • Application Virtualization Hosting for Desktops, Version 4.6 Service Pack 1 (x86) - CD (Multiple Languages)
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2012 (x86 and x64) - DVD

App-V 4.6 Service Packs

App-V 4.6 Service Packs are available from the Microsoft Downloads Center:

Is a trial version of App-V available?

Microsoft does not provide a trial version of App-V, there are a couple of ways that you can start testing App-V before deciding on whether it’s the right product for your environment. The App-V for RDS software is freely available on the Microsoft Download Center (although make sure you are licensed before you use it in production). Alternatively Microsoft provides a set of labs that you can use to become familiar with App-V: