Software Quality? What's that?

I’ve seen some dumb software in my travels and Mercury Quality Center is no exception; however this one has got me scratching my head.

Mercury Quality Center “provides a web-based system for automated software quality testing and management”. It uses a browser front-end with ActiveX controls connecting to a back-end process (I really don’t know much about the back-end). Now, as you would expect from the product description, Mercury Quality Center should be a nice quality package from end to end. In my view this would include a scriptable client installation package. Scripting any client software installation is important because it should be a consistent repeatable process.

Except that’s where they strike out. The incredibly dumb thing about this is the client software is packaged up in an InstallShield package which is only used to unpack some files and launch another custom installer. (See the screenshot). No silent install for you!


Who’s the dolt who created this? InstallShield’s not good enough to install your software? Surely quality software should extend to the installation experience as well? It makes you wonder.