SoftGrid Client Error: 411136-0E80A704-00001213

If you’ve ever added regsitry entries to your SoftGrid OSD file, you may receive an error like this, even though the entries are completely valid:

The SoftGrid Client could not launch Application Name.

The registry entries in this application’s OSD file are incorrectly formatted. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.

Error code: 411136-0E80A704-00001213

After much nashing of teeth and a little hair pulling, it turns out that the SoftGrid client does not like element names within the OSD file to be lower case. The SoftGrid Sequencer manual tell us this on page 32, but who want to RTFM eh?

The problem actually came about when I edited the OSD file with the OSD Editor from Login Consultants. Version 1.0 writes the KEY element name back to the OSD file in mixed case. The SoftGrid client could be a little forgiving though.

Thanks goes to all-round good guy, Indy, who’s in the application virtualisation team here, for working this one out. (no, his last name is not Jones)

UPDATE: Jan van der Elst has responded on the Login Consultants forum about the issue I’ve found in the OSD Editor. Version 2.0 is on the way with a fix for this and all sorts of new features, so keep an eye out for it.