SoftGrid Tip: What's On That Q: Drive?

Here’s a nice SoftGrid tip from one of the guys in the team here.

If you want to take a look at the SoftGrid client drive, there a several methods. The most common would be to add a PRE LAUNCH script to the OSD file that would launch a Command Prompt window inside the SoftGrid bubble.

Now, I like my command line, but if I want to just take a quick look around a file location a GUI makes things nice and simple. To do that on the SoftGrid client drive, I could run Windows Explorer within the bubble, or I could just map another drive to the SoftGrid drive.

This is as easy as running a NET USE command, so to map drive X to my client drive Q:, I can run:

powershell NET USE X: \\%computername%\Q$ powershell

I can now launch Windows Explorer and navigate to X: drive to see the contents of the SoftGrid client drive. You’ll be able to see you asset folders, however you must have an application running to be able to browse inside those folders to see the application within. This is great for a quick way to get inside the client drive, however for real troubleshooting, you can’t go past SFT Explorer.