Tomorrow: Developing and Running As Non-Admin

At the next Vista Squad meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 15th October), along with Ray Booysen, I’ll be presenting on User Account Control and developing & running as non-admin. There’s a few things we’ll cover, including:

  • User Account Control – what it is and what it isn’t. With any luck we might have time to compare UAC to similar elevation processes in Linux and Mac OS
  • Developing applications on Windows Vista as non-admin. Does Visual Studio work as non-admin?
  • What challenges IT pros face when deploying applications that expect admin access

One of the great strengths of Vista Squad is that it gets both IT pros and Developers together in the same room, so I’m hoping to make this an open discussion rather that just a presentation.

That means though, we need you. There’s usually more devs than IT pros, so if you’re in London tomorrow night and you’re interested in coming along, you can sign up here.