First Annual European App-V User Group

Great news - the first annual European App-V User Group has been announced, for Friday November 18, 2011 9:00 AM to be held at Microsoft HQ, in the Netherlands:

Welcome to our first annual European App-V User Group conference.

After a successful German edition in 2010, we were overwhelmed by the positive reactions, so we decided to expand our reach to the whole of Europe. We decided to see how many App-V experts we could gather on one event. Up till now we have 8 (!) out of 16 worldwide App-V MVPs found willing to attend the event and share their thoughts on App-V. This is almost the entire Europe based App-V MVP population!

The initiative is focused on bringing people from the App-V community together to learn about Microsoft App-V from the experts and share experiences and knowledge with each other. The event is sponsored by stakeholding companies, but is free of commercial messaging and gives an independent insight in the Microsoft App-V market.

We invite you to register for FREE and we are looking forward to welcome you on the event.

Keep an eye on the Twitter hashtag #AppVUG for more news, and sign up at the site if you’d like to attend. I’ll be there and presenting a session on virtualising Office with App-V.