Using the Citrix X1 Prototype Mouse

Using the Citrix X1 Prototype Mouse

I received a Citrix X1 Prototype mouse a few days ago, so I’ve put together here a short video that shows paring the mouse and using it in a remote Windows 8 desktop.

The X1 mouse is basically a bluetooth mouse (it should pair with any Bluetooth enabled PC or Mac) that you pair with an iPad - the magic comes with teaming the mouse with Citrix Receiver R1 (presumably Receiver X1, by the time we get to Citrix Synergy in a couple of weeks). Once paired you’ll see a mouse cursor in Receiver that works in the remote desktop.

I’m testing this out with an iPad 4th generation and a Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard making this a complete thin-client solution (and more) for access to a virtual desktop. The only thing I’m missing is a connection to an external monitor, which might make this the ultimate thin-client setup (I can use AirPlay but that just mirrors the iPad screen).

So far I’m impressed with the setup and the experience is provided with the iPad. I did need to configure the mouse pointer speed to my liking in the remote desktop, so I’m hoping that Citrix can provide some additional options within Receiver for controlling mouse pointer options in the future.

Here’s a 2 minute video that shows pairing the mouse and using it a remote Windows 8 desktop: