Delivering Office with App-V - The Deployment Kit and Product Key issues

When attempting to install the Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V using a MAK activation key, via the following command-line (or similar):


You might receive the following error:


This is due to the key used on the command line and not actually any pre-existing component of Office, as the message suggests. If you are not using a MAK key – that is a key available for a volume license deployment of Office, then the installation will result in the error above. The only way to fix this issue is to ensure you are using a MAK or KMS key for Office 2010.

Keys from Retail or boxed media, or a TechNet or MSDN subscription cannot be used for deploying Office 2010 via App-V. Making it particularly difficult for those looking to get experience virtualizing Office 2010 with App-V without purchasing a volume license.

(Neither the Office or App-V teams at Microsoft have any control over keys available on TechNet or MSDN).