App-V FAQ: What 3rd party tools are there for managing App-V?

Even in the absence of an App-V SDK, the 3rd party tools available for App-V are wide and varied. Here’s what I hope is a complete list. If I missed anything out, please let me know.

  • GridMetric Application Virtualization Explorer – view and edit SFT and PKG files
  • GridMetric Lib-V – integrate SFT management into your own applications
  • GridMetric SFT Encoder – a command line SFT encoder tool
  • AppPlus OSD+ – Launch packages, edit OSD files, create manifest files, plus a number of other functions
  • Immidio AppScriber – Self-service portal for applications
  • Flexera AdminStudio – Convert MSIs into App-V packages
  • TMUrgent PimpMy for SoftGrid and App-V – add-ons tools for monitoring your App-V environment and tools for help desk troubleshooting

Free Tools