Repost: Microsoft Australia TechNet Updates, June

Via the Microsoft IT Professional Blog Downunder, some very technical presentations are heading our way. These look great, if you’ve got the time and are local I recommend checking these out. You can register at the Australian TechNet site.

Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn Branch Office Technologies - Level 300
In this session, we will look at the Microsoft vision for branch offices and the new options available with Windows Server ‘Longhorn.’ We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of consolidating servers at branch locations. We will review some of the new technologies that can play key roles in branch office scenarios, including new protocols, like Remote Differential Compression, and Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ enhancements, like Server Message Block 2.0. Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ also includes new improvements in SYSVOL and on-demand replication. We will also look at some of the exciting new Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ features that relate to branch offices, like policy-based Quality of Service and the Read-Only Domain Controller. Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ security improvements within the branch office will include secure startup and Read-Only Domain Controllers.

**Windows Server Longhorn Terminal Services Technical Overview - Level 400
** In this session, we will examine Terminal Services for Windows Server ‘Longhorn’. For organizations that have remote users, Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ adds improvements and innovations to Terminal Services that facilitate better integration of remote and local applications on client computers, access to these same remote programs via Web browser, and a means to access remote terminals and applications across firewalls. As Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ will ship on x64 if can utilize more processors and RAM that x64 offers, this can increase 3.4 x increases in the number of users that a Terminal Services server can support.