App-V 5 PowerShell One Liners – Adding and Publishing App-V Client Packages

App-V 5.0 is PowerShell driven, which means opportunity for automating and scripting tasks that might have to be completed manually or might have been a challenge to script previously.

Using PowerShell to drive the App-V Client opens up plenty of great scenarios. Here’s how to use PowerShell to import a package (from a UNC path), publish it globally so that it’s available for all users logging onto the local machine and stream the package into the cache.

Add-AppvClientPackage -Path "\\Server\Packages\MozillaFirefox16_pkg\MozillaFirefox16.appv" | Publish-AppvClientPackage -Global | Mount-AppvClientPackage -Verbose

The Path property on the Add-AppvClientPackage command should take any local, UNC or HTTP path. This is a quick and dirty method of importing and testing App-V 5 packages into a machine for testing.

This example command should be easy enough to extend to import and publish a number of packages stored in target folder.