Kevin Kaminski, a long time App-V MVP based in Calgary, Canada. He’s a long time presenter at events such as BriForum and MMS. As well as consulting on application delivery, he provides training services for App-V and application packaging._

App-V training has evolved from being fairly limited to a large selection of offerings both free and paid, with in-person training to online delivery. Because of the variety, we recommend you take a look at the various offerings available to determine what best suits your needs from both a delivery and content perspective.

Training is available from Microsoft (online and through training partners) as well as many 3rd party organisations (both online and in-person) who are generally veterans of the App-V community.

In this App-V FAQ entry I’ve tried to summarize the distinct offerings in the marketplace that exist today for App-V 5. Visit the full blog article to get up to speed on all the App-V training options available: Where can I find App-V training?