Adobe Flash and Shockware Players direct download links

Update [November 2011]: Adobe has released Flash Player 11 in both 32-bit and 64-bit packages. The links below will only provide you with Flash Player 10. To obtain the installers for Flash Player 11, see the following articles:


Listed here are the links for the latest installers for the Adobe Flash and Shockwave Players. Each link will always result in the latest version of each player.

Adobe Flash Player

To deploy Flash Player, follow these guides: Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide for Flash Player 10.1 and Configure Flash Player auto-update notification

Adobe Shockwave Player

To deploy Shockwave Player silently, follow this guide: Silent installation and configurations of Shockwave player

If you’re unsure which installer to download, grab the MSI installers. If you are downloading the players to distribute them in your corporate network you must obtain a license from Adobe before doing so.

Here’s a link to the original unattend install script for these players that started this and here’s how to uninstall Flash Player if you’re having issues updating to the lastest version.