Citrix Drops The Icon Ball

Instead of waiting for Citrix to support Windows Vista icon sizes in their new beta client, I’ve updated it myself. I’ll bet the Mac OS X client gets a full size icon (Leopard supports 512 x 512 pixels). Why does Vista have to be a second class citizen?

Here’s the before and after shots:


I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘after’ looks much better. The crazy thing is that I’ve added the 256 x 256 PNG file that I originally downloaded from the official Citrix blogs site (I’ve lost the original link).

You can download the icon from here and update your existing shortcuts or break out a resource editor to update the executables directly. Here’s the original PNG file if you want to cook your own.

I’m going to try to be optimistic and I know this is a beta product, but I’m not going to bet on Vista icon support in the final release.