App-V Frequently Asked Question Series

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Starting tomorrow, I have a new blog post series - Microsoft App-V FAQs. There has been a SoftGrid FAQ blog on Microsoft TechNet in the past, but it’s now very out of date. You can find official FAQs such as the App-V 4.6 on TechNet and an App-V 4.5 SP2 FAQ document, but these are a bit limited in scope.

If you spend any time on the TechNet App-V forums or on you’ll notice that many questions have often been asked previously or are answered by existing documentation. I hope to make this series is an attempt at answering many of those common questions.

Keep an eye out every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for new FAQs. (Fingers crossed, I’ve got about 12 weeks worth of content so far, let’s see how this goes wlEmoticon wlEmoticon-winkingsmile