Remote Access Makes Users Happy

HP and the Chief Happiness Officer have teamed up to make the UK happy at work. It’s all about giving users choice and remote access looks to be a big part of that. 800 employees across different companies were ‘experimented’ on and the results speak for themselves:

We built two environments. The first resembled a battery chicken farm. Cramped, cluttered surfaces with slow PCs and bulky CRT monitors. The second was more €˜free-range’. It was designed to give people the space and technology to get on with the job. We also gave people in the second office the option to work from home if they chose.

  • Productivity shot up by 400 percent
  • Stress levels fell by more than 50 percent
  • IQ scores increased by an average of 28 percent
  • Blood pressure was lower
  • Short term memory improved. Volunteers retained 33 percent more information

Being involved in remote access solutions for many years I find this very interesting. Apparently happy is working anywhere.

I like to think I’ve learnt how to stop saying No and how to say Yes and I do enjoy taking an interest in the user experience. Steve Richards is impressed with this initiative too.

Don’t forget proper identity and authentication and you too can say Yes to your users.