Application Virtualization 4.5 Podcast

A podcast that gives you can overview of Microsoft Application Virtualisation 4.5 has been posted that is worth checking out if you’re new to App-V or want to find out what version 4.5 is all about: Windows Springboard Series: AppV™ Application Virtualization

Karri Alexion-Tiernan, Director in the Windows Client division, unveils the latest version of this technology for virtualizing applications to reduce application-to-application conflicts and improve manageability.

The postcast is only 9m 20sec long so it won’t take long to listen to (it should take you 9m 20sec in fact..) The first couple of minutes cover what application virtualisation is all about:

“The technology is really used for managing application conflicts and proving the ability to run mutiple versions of an application on the same OS. We do not focus on application to operating system incompatibility. We’re really focused on running two applications two versions of Office for example, side by side, currently today you can’t do that. The install will override itself. So we allow you to run two versions also in some cases you’ll have third party applications where they share the same DLLs and they override each other. Which means that you can’t run them side by side. We allow each of those applications to reside in their own virtual environments so they can run side by side and they don’t conflict.”