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Evergreen's focus is on integration with PowerShell as a simple solution to provide application version numbers and download URLs. This has many use cases, including:

  • Importing applications into the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager for operating system deployment
  • Creating applications packages in Microsoft Intune or another MDM solution
  • Integration with Azure DevOps or Packer to create evergreen machine images on-premises, in Azure, AWS, or other cloud platforms
  • Maintaining a library of application install packages to enable roll back or roll forward of application versions in an image
  • Audit installed application versions in an image or a Windows desktop

There are several community and commercial solutions that manage application deployment and updates already. This module isn't intended to compete against those, and Evergreen isn't intended to be a fully featured package manager for Windows.

Evergreen can be complementary to 3rd party solutions - for example, Evergreen can be used with the Chocolatey Automatic Package Updater Module to find the latest version of an application and then create and submit a Chocolatey package, or it can be used to create a Windows Package Manager manifest (see a sample script here: New-WinGetManifest.ps1).