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Find supported applications

Find-EvergreenApp is used to return a list of applications supported by Evergreen. For example, let's find out whether the Microsoft FSLogix Apps agent is supported by Evergreen:

Find-EvergreenApp -Name "FSLogix"

The Microsoft FSLogix Apps agent is supported by Evergreen, so this returns output like this:

Name        : MicrosoftFSLogixApps
Application : Microsoft FSLogix Apps
Link        :

The value of the Name property can be used with Get-EvergreenApp to return the latest the Microsoft FSLogix Apps agent:

Get-EvergreenApp -Name "MicrosoftFSLogixApps"

Alternatively, we can pass the output from Find-EvergreenApp directly to Get-EvergreenApp:

Find-EvergreenApp -Name "FSLogix" | Get-EvergreenApp

Output from Find-EvergreenApp can be paged to review the entire supported application list with the following command:

Find-EvergreenApp | Out-Host -Paging


Find-EvergreenApp outputs three properties:

  • Name - the identifier of the supported application. This name matches that used in the application manifest
  • Application - the application manifest includes the full application name
  • Link - each application manifest includes a URL to the application's primary home page

The output from Find-EvergreenApp will look similar to the following example:

Name                 Application             Link
----                 -----------             ----
1Password            1Password     
7zip                 7zip          
AdobeAcrobat         Adobe Acrobat 
AdobeAcrobatReaderDC Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
AdobeBrackets        Adobe Brackets



The -Name parameter is used to specify the application name to return details for. This is a required parameter. The list of supported applications can be found with Find-EvergreenApp.


Find-EvergreenApp has an alias of fea to simplify retrieving supported applications, for example:

PS /Users/aaron> fea

Name      Application   Link
----      -----------   ----
1Password 1Password
7zip      7zip