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Test Installers

Evergreen includes the function Test-EvergreenApp that can test whether the application installer URLs returned from Get-EvergreenApp exist at the URL specified. Test-EvergreenApp will enable you to quickly validate whether the application installer exists.

In the following example, we can test whether the URLs returned by MicrosoftOneDrive exist:

Get-EvergreenApp -Name "MicrosoftOneDrive" | Where-Object { $_.Type -eq "exe" } | Test-EvergreenApp

URI                                                                            Result
---                                                                            ------   True         True         True   True         True   True   True         True       True             True       True   True



An object returned from Get-EvergreenApp with at least the Version and URI properties.


The -Verbose parameter can be useful for observing application downloads and save paths, including troubleshooting when the expected application details are not returned. When using the -Verbose parameter, Invoke-WebRequest will show download progress which significantly impacts download speed. To suppress download progress, add the -NoProgress switch parameter as well.


Test-EvergreenApp has an alias of tea to simplify testing applications, for example:

PS /Users/aaron> gea MicrosoftTeams | tea