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Update an Evergreen Library

To update a library, use Invoke-EvergreenLibraryUpdate - this function will read the EvergreenLibrary.json file and use Get-EvergreenApp and Save-EvergreenApp to populate the library with the application installers and maintain a manifest of the application version information for later reference.

Here's an example - EvergreenLibrary.json contains the following entry for Microsoft Teams:

    "Name": "MicrosoftTeams",
    "EvergreenApp": "MicrosoftTeams",
    "Filter": "$_.Ring -eq \"General\" -and $_.Architecture -eq \"x64\" -and $_.Type -eq \"msi\""
  • Name - defines the application folder for the library. You may want to download both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Microsoft Teams installer
  • EvergreenApp - defines the application name supported by Evergreen. The list of supported application names can be found with Find-EvergreenApp
  • Filter - this is the filter typically used with Get-EvergreenApp | Where-Object to filter the application version information for a specific application installer

The Microsoft Teams installer will be downloaded in this example to the following folder structure: \\server\EvergreenLibrary\MicrosoftTeams\General\\x64. After the installers are successfully downloaded, the application version information is saved. For this example, \\server\EvergreenLibrary\MicrosoftTeams\MicrosoftTeams.json will be saved with the following details:

  "Version": "",
  "URI": "",
  "Type": "msi",
  "Ring": "General",
  "Path": "/Users/aaron/Temp/Evergreen/MicrosoftTeams/General/",
  "Architecture": "x64"

Each time a new version of Team installer is downloaded, MicrosoftTeams.json is updated with the new version for later use.

How to update a library

Invoke-EvergreenLibraryUpdate has a single parameter - -Path, which should be the path to the Evergreen library:

Invoke-EvergreenLibraryUpdate -Path "\\server\EvergreenLibrary"

If a path is specified that does not contain EvergreenLibrary.json and error will be thrown.

To download new application installers when a new version is detected, Invoke-EvergreenLibraryUpdate can be run via a scheduled task or other automation tools. This provides a simple method to update the library and make new application available for install or packaging.