Swivel PINsafe and Citrix Access Gateway Installation Notes

The good guys over at Swivel have let me post a document that Graham Field (from Swivel) has created for integrating Swivel PINsafe into Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5. The document covers everything you’ll need to get PINsafe authentication working with Advanced Access Control, including setting up Turing or Single Channel authentication (use to stop bots not humans). You get a copy of the document in Word format here and the LOGIN.ASCX with the code for setting up the Turing authentication here.

Windows Vista Product Guide

Microsoft have posted the Windows Vista Product Guide on their Downloads Centre. At 61Mb and 316 pages this document is huge, but it’s go some great detail about what Windows Vista is all about. If you’re one of those people who thinks that Windows Vista is Windows XP Service Pack 3, then this document is for you, if you’re not, then this document is still for you too. This is the document to give to your sales team (you may have to read it to them - could take a while and you might need a little bell handy to let them know when to turn the page..). Here’s a break down of what the document covers:

Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7 and SharePoint

Internally we have deployed SharePoint Portal Server 2003 as our intranet. To ensure that the Citrix Web Interface for SharePoint (WISP) web part works correctly, we need to ensure that there is only authenticated access to SharePoint (WISP fails if anonymous access is enabled). What I have found on Windows XP machines that have been upgraded to IE7, is that users are prompted for authentication when accessing SharePoint (IE presents the standard Windows authentication dialog) instead of the browser passing authentication through to IIS as it should.

Hotfix 5 for Advanced Access Control 4.2

Hotfix 5 (AAC420W005) is available for Advanced Access Control 4.2. The fix list is quite large - 50 fixes are listed in the readme file. One of the most important updates that you will need to be aware of, are changes to the Endpoint Analysis scans. This means that scans that you have installed into AAC will require updating to work with the new hotfix. From the Citrix readme:

Daemon Tools: You must reboot after a previous operation

Daemon Tools was giving me some grief after upgrading to Windows Vista RTM and I had to update to version 4.08 which includes an updated SPTD driver for the virtual CDROM drive. When running the 4.08 installer for the first time, I had to uninstall the old version and reboot. After the reboot, I ran the installer again and the following error message would be displayed: “You must reboot after a previous operation”

Step By Step Guide: Demonstrate 802.1X NAP Enforcement in a Test Lab

No, I haven’t written a step by step guide, but Microsoft has and they have released a document detailing 802.1X NAP enforcement for demonstration purposes. This is a very detailed resource that will require some time and effort to setup, but if you are interested in NAP and 801.2X then this document is for you. Here’s a view of the test lab configuration to give you an idea of what’s involved:

Access Gateway and HTTP Error 500

We are testing a private hotfix from Citrix that addresses a HTTP Error 500 on the Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.2. You may have seen this error in your Access Gateway implementations where access to a Logon Point on the Access Gateway produces the error and a reboot of the appliance temporarily fixes the issue. The hotfix brings the Access Gateway version to Access Gateway 4.2.3 Build 81.31; Build Date: 2006-11-03. I’m unsure if this hotfix is generally available, but if you are experiencing the issue give the good looking guys at Citrix Support a call to obtain a copy of the fix, or wait until a general hotfix is available from the Citrix support web site.