Now That's Not What I Expected

I’ve been checking out the excellent UltraMon on Windows Vista, which provides some cool hacks for multiple displays under Windows. One of the excellent hacks is the ability to assign a hotkey that moves an application between screens - when you hit the hotkey the application or window appears on the next screen, very handy. However, this appears to work on the Start Menu too. I’m not sure if this happens on Windows XP but here’s what you get with the Start Menu open and then hit the hotkey:

Better Together: Networking Scenarios with Vista and Longhorn Server

Ian Hameroff has put together a great webcast on the networking features of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server, and as you might expect from the title, how they work when the Longhorn client and server versions are teamed together. The webcast includes an overview of Network Access Protection and Windows Firewall with Advanced Security as well as Server and Domain Isolation and IPSec. The whole webcast is worth watching, however if you’re only interested in NAP and the Windows Firewall skip to about the 19 minute mark.

Access Gateway Hangs When Changes Made to AAC Logon Point

Citrix have a private hotfix to address issues with the Access Gateway 4.2.3 experiencing a hang when changes are made to a Logon Point in Advanced Access Control. If you are experiencing the issue, give the good looking guys at Citrix Support a call. You will have to give them information about your setup and they should be able to give you the hotfix to test out. If you are experiencing the issue, why not share your experiences over at the Brian Madden forums.

Podcasting with Citrix France

Three months before Jay Tomlin started blogging and well before and popped up, Citrix France has been podcasting and blogging over at It appears to be very much a marketing exercise rather than employees blogging about Citrix technologies and their experiences, but it’s interesting none the less. If you are like me and your French is limited to “Parlez-vous anglais?” you can view a Google translated version here.

AAC 4.2 and Swivel PINsafe

If you are looking to integrate the Swivel PINsafe one time password (OTP) authentication system into Advanced Access Control 4.2 you’ll find that it’s not going to work out of the box. You will see the following authentication packet sequence once you have configured PINsafe as a RADIUS profile within AAC and attempt to authenticate: