Deploying WinZip 11.0

Did you know that WinZip have an MSI installer available for WinZip 10.0 and 11.0? Neither did I until I was reading through their FAQ pages today. What I don’t get though is it’s not the default download you get for the product, you have to go looking for it on this FAQ page: Download WinZip with 64-bit Shell Extension Support. I’d like to welcome WinZip to the 21st century - Windows Installer’s only been around since 1999..

Access Gateway vs. Secure Gateway Part 2: It's In The Details

In part 1 I discussed how I believe that proving identity should be your most important consideration when deciding to implement the Citrix Access Gateway or Secure Gateway for remote access. In this second part I want to discuss some of the features of both the Access Gateway (CAG) and the Secure Gateway (CSG) and how they compare.

Publishing Outlook Web Access on an Alternate Port

We recently had client with a requirement to provide Outlook Web Access and Exchange over the Internet/Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTPS) access using a single IP address on ISA Server. The problem with making both of these services available on a single IP address is that both utilise HTTPS which by default is TCP 443. RPC over HTTPS with Outlook can’t use an alternate port - if you attempt to specify and alternate port Outlook UI you receive the following error: