Sequencing Mozilla Firefox with App-V 4.6

It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little more effort. I’ve previously shown you how to sequence Firefox 8, Firefox 7 and Firefox 5. Before embarking on sequencing Firefox, please refer to this companion article - Prepare Mozilla Firefox for Enterprise Deployment and Virtualization - which covers configuring a Firefox installation for virtualizing. It’s important that Firefox is configured correctly for virtualization by disabling specific features..

Citrix Synergy 2012 - Slide deck for Geek Speak Live 'User Environment Management smackdown 2012'

At Citrix Synergy 2012, I had the distinct pleasure of moderating a Geek Speak panel: “User Environment Management smackdown 2012” with Shawn Bass, Helge Klein, Harry Labana from AppSense, Bob Janssen from RES Software and Mike Larkin from Citrix on the state of User Environment Management.