Hands off my gold image - The Task Sequence

If you’ve been following along so far you’ll have read my follow up coverage of my (and co-host, Jonathan Eyton-Williams) Geek Speak talk at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, with Hands off my gold image – Automating Citrix XenApp/PVS Image Creation and Hands off my gold image – Microsoft Deployment Toolkit details. In this article I’ll cover the task sequence that deploys Windows Server, installs XenApp and captures the image into PVS.

Replacing Redirected Folders and Offline Files with AppSense DataNow

Note: this article covers a product that is in beta at the time of writing; therefore the specifics of the approach outlined in this article may be subject to change. This is not a recommendation to use this approach in production; rather it’s an exercise in understanding what’s possible with a new data synchronisation product.