Sequencing Mozilla Firefox with App-V 5.x

It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little preparation. Before embarking on sequencing Firefox, please refer to this companion article - Prepare Mozilla Firefox for Enterprise Deployment and Virtualization - which covers configuring a Firefox installation for virtualizing. It’s important that Firefox is configured correctly for virtualization by disabling specific features.

Creating App-V 5.0 Connection Groups with PowerShell

Connection Groups (or Dynamic Suite Composition v2) in App-V 5.0 are great for enabling separate App-V packages to talk to each other. Connection Groups are easy enough to deploy with the App-V Management Server or Configuration Manager 2012; however that isn’t the case for stand-alone scenarios or 3rd party ESDs.

Sequencing Apple iTunes 11 with App-V 5

Two recent releases presents an opportunity to revisit the state of virtualizing Apple iTunes. iTunes 11 looks great, but is it just lipstick on a pig? Under the hood, it doesn’t appear to differ that much from previous versions, but lets see whether a combination of Apple’s latest and greatest along with App-V 5 offers a better virtualisation experience.