Dell owners - avoid the IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio driver

I’ve been mucking around with MDT 2010 lately, which has made it pretty simple to create an unattended install routine for my Dell Latitude XT2 (hopefully more on that soon) and to inject drivers into the build; however in doing so I’ve found a nasty bug in the IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio drivers from Dell (version, A09).

Windows Server 2008 SP2: What's in it for Terminal Servers?

As you’re most likely aware, Microsoft has recently made available Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2. If you would like to know the details of every single fix and feature in the service pack, download this spreadsheet: Hotfix and Security Update List: Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Vista SP2.

Windows 7 on a Dell Latitiude XT2

I’ve been looking to get a tablet PC for some time now and I’ve just recently picked up a Dell Latitude XT2, which includes multi-touch support. It arrived the same day as the Windows 7 Release Candidate, so the default Windows Vista install, disappeared pretty quickly.