Delivering Office with App-V - The Need for Profile Management

Because Office is a core application of most desktop deployments, user interaction with Office and the user experience are important factors in the deployment of Office. From an administration perspective, providing a seamless user experience requires managing the user preferences of an application, independent of the application delivery method.

The Case of the Disappearing Application during Sequencing

In the official Microsoft TechNet forums, a question had been asked about sequencing Google Chrome and the poster states that when using the Chrome Enterprise Installer (a downloadable MSI for deployment inside an organisation), Chrome installs OK during the monitoring phase, but the folder is deleted at the end of monitoring and thus isn’t captured.

Comparing User Profiles Sizes for Microsoft Office Suites

I’ve been doing some work recently virtualizing various versions of Office in App-V plus managing user preferences for those Office packages. Here’s something interesting that I’ve found – the size of the profile settings for a default installation of Office 2010 is massively different in size over previous versions of Office.

Delivering Office with App-V - Error 0x80070424 installing the Office 2010 Deployment Kit

If you have issues installing the Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V (OffVirt.msi) to install the licensing component for a virtualized Office 2010 package, it may fail to install. A typical command line to install the licensing component look like this: