Adobe Reader/Acrobat 8, Citrix Presentation Server and Seamless Windows

During testing of Adobe Reader 8 on a new Presentation Server 4.0 farm, I tested Adobe Reader 8 as a published application in a seamless window, using the ICA Client 9.230.50211. When using the toolbars in the published application (right clicking on the toolbars or clicking any of the drop down items) the application would exit completely without any errors logged on the server.

Disabling "Check for WinZip Update"

Some bright spark over at WinZip thought that it would be a great idea to build in an auto-update utility into WinZip so that users would be prompted to download the latest version of WinZip as they are released. Unfortunately, this updater prompts users when they first run WinZip even if they don’t have administrative access to their machine (I think the guy from WinZip and the guy from Adobe must know each other). Here’s the dialog that users see when they first run WinZip, not ideal in a corporate environment: