SoftGrid, Presentation Server And Internet Explorer As A Help System

If you’re deploying applications on Citrix Presentation Server via Application Virtualisation/SoftGrid, you may run into issues with applications that utilise a local HTML based help system. These applications will generally launch Internet Explorer as the viewer and in our case, we’ve found that IE is launched outside of the protected environment and thus never sees the help content located inside the environment.

Tip Of The Day - Ain't Got No Tips

It’s been a while since an entrant in the Hall of Shame, so today I’m pleased to bring you a bit of a chuckle courtesy of ACDSee Standard 5.0. It seems that the Tips dialog in this old version, doesn’t like it if you’ve installed the application to a non-default location (think sequencing in SoftGrid). Perhaps this dialog has a case of what my wife would call “Man eyes” - very similar to inattentional blindness.