Deploying Adobe Reader 8

Deployment of Adobe Reader in an enterprise environment has been much simplified since version 6, however there is still some important preparation before you think about deploying version 8. Adobe have compiled information on enterprise deployment which are available on the following pages - I prefer the developer page over the page aimed at IT professionals because it has more information and is a little easier to read:

Adobe Reader 8.1 Released

Adobe have released version 8.1 of Reader that includes updates for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, including preview in Outlook 2007. I’ll update my Adobe Reader deployment tools as soon as I can, however I don’t see any reason why ~~[my existing transform files](/deployment/disable-adobe-updater-with-adobe-customization-wizard-8) won’t work with this version~~ my existing transform files won’t work with this version, so expect updates soon. If you are looking to download the latest version here is the direct download link: