Installing Office 2007 on Terminal Server

What you should know when deploying Office 2007 to Windows Terminal Server

When install Office 2007 on your Terminal Servers there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. The first of which is that you will need an Enterprise or Volume License key, i.e. those keys that use Volume Activation 1.0 and do not require activation. There is also some configuration and installation options that I recommend you set before and after installation.

Deploying Office 2007 with Group Policy Startup Scripts

In a previous post I discussed what you need to do to start deploying Office 2007. In that post I referenced a page that Microsoft linked to, but have not actually posted (Use Group Policy to Assign Startup Scripts for 2007 Office Deployment). So in this article I’ll go through a couple of ways you can use Group Policy startup scripts to deploy Office.

Unattended VMware Tools

Here’s how to create an unattended installation of VMware Tools which I’ve aimed specifically at Terminal Servers, however you can apply the same concepts for any Windows server installed under any of the VMware virtualisation products.

Files Not Moved to the Recycle Bin?

On our internal Terminal Servers the CEO has been having an issue whereby files or folders are not sent to the Recycle Bin, rather they are immediately deleted. If you logon with administrative rights on the machine, you can send files to the Recycle Bin. To date, he’d been told that this would be fixed once we move to some new boxes (which I did last week). Unfortunately the problem also exists on the new Terminal Servers which I only found out after the CEO pointed the problem out to me (luckily he’s a pretty understanding guy).

Unattended Presentation Server 4.5

While things haven’t changed much since Presentation Server 4.0, I’ve put together what you’ll need to create an unattended install for Presentation Server 4.5. First up I’ve made a copy of the installation files from the CD and added them to a single folder. This includes a copy of the administration tools in the same folder: