Machine Creation Services Capacity Sizing on Hyper-V

Seagate Hard Drive by Thomas Hawk

To understand sizing Machine Creation Services on Hyper-V, we should first look at how XenDesktop creates virtual machines across the various deployment choices. XenDesktop 7.9 and 7.11 have introduced new features to MCS that will require additional consideration for storage requirements over previous versions. In this article, I’ll cover the […]

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OS Automation Survey Results – How Do You Build Master Images?

Previously we’ve looked at which hypervisors are in use and the virtual desktop solutions deployed on those hypervisors, so now we’ll take a look at how organisations are building their master images. Building A Master Image Whether you’re building physical or virtual desktops, the quality of the desktops environment and ultimately […]

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OS Automation Survey Results – What Virtual Desktop Platforms are Deployed?

Digging further into the details of the data we’ve gathered from our OS Automation survey, let’s take a look at the virtual desktop platforms in use by those who responded. I’ll largely present this as is and leave any further analysis for later articles. Major Desktop Virtualization Platforms First, let’s […]

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Converting CTX114501 to a readable format

If you’ve ever wanted to look up which Citrix products support a specific database server version, you’ve attempted to read this article: CTX114501 – Supported Databases for Citrix Products. You’ll then have tackled with the product matrix that comes as a PDF instead of something more reasonable like, say, a spread […]

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Citrix Drops The Icon Ball

Instead of waiting for Citrix to support Windows Vista icon sizes in their new beta client, I’ve updated it myself. I’ll bet the Mac OS X client gets a full size icon (Leopard supports 512 x 512 pixels). Why does Vista have to be a second class citizen? Here’s the […]

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