Blog Plug: Vista Vitals

Gordon Martin from Canada writes a great blog on his experiences deploying Windows Vista. It’s a good read and there’s a fair number of little gems in there. I’ve been meaning to post some links to his site for some time, but I’ve just been slack and haven’t gotten around […]

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Recent Documents Sidebar Gadget

I came across a Windows Sidebar gadget the other day which is actually proving to be useful – the Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents gadget. It’s quite handy having a list of your recent documents available without having to go through the Start Menu. I recommend checking this one […]

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Configure Vista’s KMS on Windows Server 2003

Unfortunately life with Windows Vista means living with Microsoft’s Volume Activation 2.0. For complete information on Volume Activation 2.0 see this TechNet page: Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0 Step-By-Step Guide When deploying Windows Vista in the enterprise you have the choice of Multiple Activation Keys or Key Management Services (KMS) […]

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Unattended Windows Vista tech. on Windows XP/2003

UPDATE (09/12/2007): Updated with the list of applications and components listed here: Windows Vista components available for Windows XP. With Microsoft releasing a number of applications developed for Windows Vista also available for Windows XP, I’ve put together a quick ‘how to’ guide for performing an unattended install for each […]

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Windows Vista Product Guide

Microsoft have posted the Windows Vista Product Guide on their Downloads Centre. At 61Mb and 316 pages this document is huge, but it’s go some great detail about what Windows Vista is all about. If you’re one of those people who thinks that Windows Vista is Windows XP Service Pack […]

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