Windows 10

Folder Redirection to OneDrive on Windows 10 with Intune

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

If you’re deploying Windows 10 with Modern Management (Azure AD joined, MDM managed), you’ll likely have wondered about data protection – if users aren’t intentionally saving documents to their OneDrive folder, that data is likely, not synchronised and therefore not protected against data loss. Traditionally managed PCs will have folder redirection […]

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Deploy Citrix Receiver to Windows 10 with Intune and PowerShell

Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

If you’ve deployed Windows 10 Modern Management you’ll know that some applications present a challenge for deployment, because Windows 10 MDM supports the Win32 applications via a single MSI file only. Applications such as Citrix Receiver, that are a single EXE (that wraps multiple MSI files), can, therefore, be challenging. […]

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Managing Universal Apps with Microsoft Intune

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I am excited about the opportunities that managing Windows 10 devices with Azure AD Join and MDM (i.e. modern management) provides for both users and admins. In this article, I’ll cover deploying and managing modern applications (Universal apps) on a modern platform with a modern device management solution – Microsoft […]

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